Sunday, 1 March 2015

Another busy week

Mr A has recovered well from his operation.  Although the stitches won't be removed until tomorrow, he is getting about as usual and doing most things as long as he's careful not to lift anything more than 5kg in weight.  I have to keep nagging him about this of course.  Like most men, he doesn't do as he is told.

On Monday he arranged and supervised the collection of Annie from the village to the vet clinic to be spayed.  The op went well and she also had all her vaccinations.   I was asked on Facebook what was wrong with Annie's front legs, and this is the explanation I gave:

They are deformed . Many dogs in Turkey are like this. It can be congenital or more lıkely in the case of street dogs it's nutrıtıonal deficiency. Nothing can be done to rectify this other than breaking and resetting bones, months of physio, special diet.etc, something impossible to consider for a street dog. 

It doesn't cause any problems for her in getting around and is not painful. She has been given some treatment by our vet which will help to strengthen her bones and prevent the condition from getting worse, and we will try to continue if this is necessary (finances permitting).
 The family in the village who are looking after her are feeding her with good dog food, provided by us, and this should of course help to keep her as healthy as possible

 The small injury which our Blondie had on her leg has been treated with antibacterial wound powder and is slowly healing.  One day this week we discovered a small cut on Melek's foot pad.  This has also been treated.  We think she did this on one of the stones in the big dog's area.  This area is to be cemented as soon as possible to make it safe (more about this in a future post).   Just to make sure, we collected antibacterial injections from the vet for both Blondie and Melek.

We decided to have another village dog spayed this week.  A little girl we named Nancy.  She is lovely.  Very affectionate and follows Mr A  around. She can usually be seen sitting at his feet outside the teahouse.  She has already had pups and is about 17 months old.  I have tried sharing her details on Facebook in the hope that we could find a home for her, but as yet this hasn't happened.  She will be placed at the sanayi after her op, where she will be safer than in the centre of the village.
Nancy on her way to the vet clinic

Annie was collected from the clinic on Friday, returned to the people looking after her, and Nancy collected from the village and taken to the clinic.  She had her op yesterday and is doing well. She has also had all vaccinations and will be collected on Monday or Tuesday and taken to the sanayi.

Finally, as Mr A was going out of our gate yesterday, he turned to see Monty, Fistik, Tommy and Timmy all standing together at the top of the balcony steps.  In a split second he snapped this photo with his camera.  One of those rare moments in life that will probably never be captured again.


  1. Good to hear all your news and it sounds like it's been a good week for you all. I saw the photo of the dogs on Facebook and it really tickled me. Axxx

  2. Such a super photograph...good job Mr.A has fast reactions.

    1. Haha if only his reactions were so fast on other occasions Helen!

  3. Very glad to hear that Mr A is recovering so well from his op. I just love that photo. :-)


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