Friday, 27 March 2015

False accusations

I didn't particularly want to write this post.  I posted the other day about how some animal rescue groups, rather than just getting on with what they do best, seem intent on causing problems.  (This Post )

To be fair, most of them just get on with what they do best, and don't get involved in the attacks...often libellous, that appear on Facebook.  I tend to stay out of this kind of stuff on the whole, until I see people being unfairly accused of wrongdoing, and then I get involved.  I will always stand up and defend when I think it's right.

I don't need to go into details really, or actually mention names, because the person(s) concerned will know exactly who I am talking about.   I defended a group of volunteers recently because they were being unfairly attacked, and it was unwarranted.  A bunch of lovely people, giving up their free time, and raising money to make lives better for dogs in a council shelter.

And for speaking out in defence, I have now become a target....on a group page on Facebook. Comments posted on a completely irrelevant thread, out of the blue.  

"Linda Kaya is now all of a sudden a expert on everything turkish. 17 yrs in turkey no income I know adopt 10 dogs get everyone else to pay for it. good little earner linda it seems."
 It is clearly hinting that I somehow live off donations given for the dogs.

The person posting this comment already has me blocked....a rather cowardly way of attacking someone when they cannot see what is written and therefore are deprived of the right to reply.  But a friend copied the comment to me and then responded on my behalf....setting the record straight.

***** as I understand you have blocked Linda it means that you can say exactly what you like without her having a right to reply. So I have asked her for the facts. She does have an income..not that it's any of your concern, and she has been adopting her dogs way before she received donations, which incidentally she never asked for. Followers of her blog and her friends insisted that they wanted to help. And the donations don't cover the upkeep of her 10 rescues and the many other dogs she feeds elsewhere, but they help towards the costs and are gratefully received.
Incidentally, the income I mention is my pension, should anyone want to know.

As a result of donations of course I have been able to help far more dogs than just my own rescues, in our village and surrounding area.  Not just feeding, but getting dogs neutered, vaccinated, vet treatment and finding some of them homes.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't upset by this, but I am reassured by others who know this person well, and have seen her do this before, to other people.   Unlike this person, I have no intention of naming her or trying to destroy what she does.  

It won't stop me doing what I can for the dogs here.  They are mine and my husband's life.

If anyone who has donated has any doubts whatsoever about me, then please feel free to stop supporting my work.  I will not be offended in the least.   You have the right to believe what you want to believe and I entirely respect that.

Thankyou for reading.


  1. How narrow minded and selfish some folk can be, all that wasted time and energy too.
    The real issue here is the plight of the animals and I read your posts, see the good you both do and feel your hurt and frustration when it does not work out. I would have no hesitation in donating to you if my funds were not used by the regular street dogs and cats we feed here and the strays that come and go frequently in our home. Keep doing what you do and do not be distracted for a moment by this rather sad individual, your efforts are too valuable.

  2. Sorry you are being attacked! Hang in there!

  3. Rise above it Linda and carry on with the wonderful work you do xx

  4. I read your blog and am an animal lover. I have read that there are some people who feel they just have to condemn others for the good they do. These people must be very sad, little folk who have nothing better to do with their lives. Keep up the good work and try hard to ignore the critics for the mean little minded people they are. Auguri rosemarie

  5. So sorry you've been the target of such unpleasantness, Ayak. I find it so sad that people can say such untrue and unwarranted things and am glad your friend defended you so staunchly. Please try not to give it another thought. We know how much your rescue work means to you and applaud you for it.

  6. Linda, I have followed your blog for a while and I think that you are doing great things in your village for our four legged friends. Ignore the critics and continue to do the best that you guys can. You are a champion.

  7. Sounds like someone on a group I used to belong to,think she knows it all but a very small minded person constantly attacking people but blocking them first.Keep up the good work,Wish I could donate to all the worthy causes in Turkey,sadly,with 2 dogs of my own and a very large family all my money is accounted for .

  8. Linda I have know you since about 2004 we met in turkey I know from personal experience that ever since I had met you your care and commitment to animals I turkey often going without yourself so as for these small minded people just ignore them they just fame seekers so called doing good if Tha was the case they wouldn't waste there valuble time slating you good luck Linda x

  9. No matter how unfair and unjustified you know it to still hurts that someone should attack you in this fashion, especially when you and your husband dedicate your time and all you have to helping defenceless animals.

    What a miserable person this must be......not just to attack you, but to make sure that you can't reply in the same not a sad person, but a malicious one.

    No one who has any contact with you can doubt your probity....which is probably more than can be said for the person attacking you.

  10. How awful for you.f.xx

  11. I am truly overwhelmed today by the vast number of messages I have received , here, on Facebook, and emails. From feeling reluctant about even having to write this post, I am now reassured that it was the right thing to do.

    I have now drawn a line under this and will not be affected by any further attacks on me or my integrity, and I will carry on doing what I do.

    Thankyou all so much for taking the trouble to comment. Much love from me, Mr A and the dogs xxxx

  12. Your income has nothing to do with anyone. These people obviously have nothing better to do than attack others who a doing good out of there own heart jealousy is the only word for them

  13. "Never justify yourself. Your friends don't need you to, and your enemies won't believe you anyway." A little nugget I live by on t'internet.

    Keep up the good work, and try not to mind what people who don't know you are speculating. As you say - people can make up their own minds, and I hope they won't just blindly follow the opinions of others.

    What's important is the animals. If only their paws could type on Facebook, we'd have an opinion worth listening to.

  14. Linda, You are so very brave, for doing "THE RIGHT THING" even as you say, you did not want to write this post.
    As Janey says above ignore the critics! Every thing the "Haters" do and say is already done to them. What goes around comes around.

    Sow love...reap love
    Sow kindness....reap kindness
    Sow help and care for animals or anything else that lives and breathes... Reap the same.
    Do Not waste another minute worrying or thinking about this. You know the truth, and what really matters is what YOU think of yourself and your work with the rescue dogs NOT what those who criticise your good works.

    And now because I and others who support your work DO believe in you and your work with the rescue dogs I have made a donation. ( although only a small one as I am unemployed )

    Kind regards to you and Mr A.

  15. Jan thankyou so much for your donation. I have emailed you (as I dofor all donations received).

    And thankyou to you and everyone else who has taken the time to comment on here, on Facebook, and by email. I appreciate your support and your belief in me and my husband and what we try to do, and will continue to do. Much love to you all xxx

  16. I sadly imagine that its the same person, that also targeted me after I left their Charity.. If I am right, just say yes!! You and Mr A really make a difference to those animals and what you do is fantastic... You are decent honest people helping animals.. Unlike those that also have their own agendas.. You have my support K xx

    1. If you are the "K" I think you are, then the answer is yes. Thankyou, it means an awful lot to me that I have the trust and support of people who know that my only concern is for the welfare of the dogs xxx


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