Thursday, 12 March 2015

Keep going.... what I keep telling myself.  This is Day 8 of the worst bout of flu I can ever remember experiencing, and it still won't go away.  It seems to have affected every part of my body during the past week and left me exhausted.  I've even lost my appetite...yes even for chocolate!!  I know it will go eventually.  It seems that a fair number of people in the village have been hit by it and ıt just has to run it's course.  I will most definitely get a flu jab before next winter.

So the chores I do on a daily basis are still being done, but at a slower pace, with pauses in between when it all becomes too much.

Mr A painted the newly erected gate 2 days ago and we are happy that it is higher and more secure and that the four little dogs are safe.

The 6 big dogs are happy with the cemented area at the back, although typically they have found one spot that they can dig...and a hole appeared this morning.  This of course comes as no's what they do (when our backs are turned).

Mr A continues to give daily treatment to Kahve at the sanayi and his condition is improving.  This treatment will last a month.

Another dog who also needs attention from the vet (which I mentioned in my previous post) will hopefully be caught today by Mr A and SuperSteve, and be taken to the Bodrum vet for tests and necessary treatment.  

In this video you can see Kahve (brown dog) looking better, also Nancy who has settled in well at the sanayi after being spayed last week, and also a little pup who seems quite happy and is being fed along with all the others there with food we continue to provide.


The 6 dogs being fed by the old man in the village, Annie, and any other village dogs around are continuing to receive food from us.

There is so much to do.  You deal with the problems for a few dogs, you get a couple of females spayed, but there are always more dogs needing attention.  It's never-ending, as those involved in animal welfare will tell you.  What I would give to see the day when all dogs in this country are neutered, vaccinated and well fed.  It won't happen in my lifetime, but we can only hope that one day it will.

Naturally all this costs money, and you all know by now that any donations, no matter how small, will help us to continue to help the dogs.  Please give if you can.  Thankyou


  1. Hope you feel better soon. There seem to be so many people ill with flu this year. I was worried I would catch it as I everyone was sneezing on the flight from Istanbul, but I dosed myself up with olive leaf extract and am keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. I hope you don't get it BtoB. It's a nasty one. Fair few people in our village have it. x

  2. Isn't is just so 'dog' to manage to dig up the cement! There's no beating them, is there!
    I do hope you pick up soon.

    1. I think they find it a challenge Helen...little devils!

  3. Sorry to hear about the flu, Ayak. It seems to be a nasty strain this winter, so do take care of yourself.

    1. It is nasty Perpetua. I sometimes feel I'm better but then feel worse again. >It'll go eventually x


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