Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday Update

This  is an  update from my previous post of 4th March HERE and quite a lot has been achieved in four days.

Kahve continues to receive treatment  each day for mange and a virus and is doing well.    The other dog at the sanayi who also needs to see the vet for treatment has proved difficult to catch up to date, and in any case we need to raise more funds for this.

We have no further informatıon on the dog that Mr A and Steve took to the Milas Belediye vet after it was hit by a car.  Mr A has phoned many times but there is never an answer.  This is not at all unusual, but we will keep trying.

Thanks to the donation for the work on the dogs areas in the garden, this is well under way and almost finished.    A tractor was hired to deliver sand and cement, metal work for the gate and motorbike shelter, along with sturdy locks.

Because Mr A is unable to lift anything heavy he employed two young lads from the village to help with the work.   They had a daily rate in mind, but when they knew that this was for the dogs, they settled for half.  

The most urgent area was the laying of cement at the back area to cover jagged rocks.  As you can see this also included the sheltered area under the old house (which is next to the big dogs' bedroom).  This had several potholes and needed to be redone.

Blondie, Sammy, Freddie

Megan, Sammy, Blondie, Freddıe

Chas, Melek, and camera shy Blondie


Megan who never looks at the camera


Megan, Freddie Sammy

The next job was the gate to the driveway.  We wanted something that was sturdy, higher than the original gate and mostly closed in.  I am still wary of people in this village and just want to make sure that the four little dogs are as safe as possible.   It doesn't look particularly attractive at the moment.  We need to get metal paint to cover it.  But it serves it's purpose.  We also recycled an old metal door and fitted it with a new lock.

New gate...and Monty

Finally, the motorbike shelter has been started, and this will be completed in due course.

We had enough money left over from this donation to cover the recently purchased sacks of food.  Money well spent, and the dogs are now safe.


  1. Thank goodness the rain lifted so that you could get the work done!

    1. Yes that was a relief Helen. It did take a long time to dry and all six weren't happy at being confined to the front area. We actually got up at 3am to check and opened the connecting gate to let them through!

    2. Every time we have laid cement it has been adorned with paw marks...

    3. And this is no different Helen. Paw marks and claw scuffs...adds to the character!

  2. Every day you care and look after the local animals and your own rescues. The both of you are wonderful human beings, in a country that sadly often thinks of animals as tools or as nothing important.. I have massive respect for you both. x Kerry

    1. Well done to both of you. I'm so glad to see you making some progress.

  3. A good solid gate - a great investment.

  4. The new gate is an investment for your peace of mind and the dogs' safety, so looks are almost immaterial. I hope the dogs like their newly refurbished quarters.

    1. They seem to Perpetua, although they are managing to dig holes in the cement in places..pretty normal!


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