Saturday, 14 March 2015

This makes it all worth while

Many of you will remember the story of Annie, the dog with the deformed front legs who we found on the outskirts of the village with two pups.

One of the pups died.  The other one had mange and we had started to treat him but sadly he died too.

We wanted to get Annie spayed as soon as possible and thanks to a donation this was carried out a little while ago.  She also had all her vaccinations and stayed for 4 days in the clinic to make sure she was fully recovered before returning to the village.  You can read more about Annie and her condition in the post I wrote HERE

She is looked after by a family in the village... in particular by the woman of the family..the mother of one of Mr A's friends.   We continue to provide food for Annie and will always do so, along with any vet treatment she may need in the future.

This is our aim.  To rescue dogs, neuter them, vaccinate them and find them somewhere safe to live.  We will never place them in a shelter unless there is no alternative.

Mostly we are trying to educate people here.  To make them realise that these dogs pose no threat and as long as they are fed they will cause no harm to anyone.   But we also try to take it a step further by showing people here that these dogs make good pets and that they can actually get great pleasure from them.

This is Annie this morning...with her "Mum".   These pictures speak for themselves.   It fills me with such joy to see Annie happy.

If you want to help us to continue our work with the street dogs in our area, please consider donating.  You will find the Paypal button at the top of this page.  Thankyou xx


  1. Oh, that is so sweet, Ayak, and must be so encouraging for you and Mr A.

  2. What a lovely picture. In a week when a friend's 3 dogs have been poisoned in Yalikavak, i needed some good doggie news.

    1. Yes I heard the news too BtoB and it makes me so angry.We try so hard to make our dogs safe and it still happens. I still don't understand the mentality of people who can do this to innocent animals.

  3. That makes up for some of the heartache...

  4. Great photos Ayak.... some things are working !!!! Jx

    1. Thanks Janice. Yes it's really satisfying when things work out xx


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