Sunday, 29 March 2015

This week's update

Thanks to recent donations we were able to buy 11 paraband collars this week, to protect against fleas and ticks for 5 months. Our 10 rescues have them and we also put one on Annie.

I was advised NOT to put them on the other village and sanayi dogs.  These collars are not cheap (although our vet Mehmet gave us a good prıce) and they can come off easily if dogs are fighting and it has been known for them to be stolen by people wanting them for their own dogs.  I haven't personally experienced this but it makes sense.  So we will be treating these dogs with Bayticol solution which is used like the spot-on treatments, but we buy it in large bottles, so it's more economical.   This won't last 5 months like the parabands, so we will be treating every month.

I have also decided to put Annie on Glucosamine tablets indefinitely in the hope that this will help a little with her deformed legs.  She may be more prone to arthritis.   Megan has arthritis and I give her Glucosamine in her food every day and it really seems to make a difference, so let's hope this will work for Annie.

The old man in the village who has been feeding 6 dogs, with food supplied by us, has seen his numbers increase to 10, so we dropped off another 15kg sack of food.  He lets us know when his stocks are running low and we deliver as and when he requires.

We also dropped off more food to the man at the sanayi for the 20 plus dogs he feeds there.  He supplements this with scraps from the cafes on the sanayi and he also lets us know when the sacks of dog food are running low and we deliver more.

Mr A continues to feed the dogs in the village when he goes to the teahouse in the evenings.  These dogs stay out of sight all day but seem to know when Mr A arrives.  They eat and disappear again.
 We heard this week of a female who had recently given birth.   We have searched for both her and any pups, but as yet cannot find them anywhere.   Mr A has mentioned this to the teahouse men who have promised to ring Mr A if they discover the mum and/or pups.

After a final meeting with his new boss yesterday, Mr A will start work on Wedneday 1st April.  It's tourism again, which we hoped to avoid, but there isn't much choice for him and he has to earn money.  Fortunately he will be able to come home every night so will be able to continue with the feeding and delivering of food to others who are feeding.  On the odd occasion where this is not possible, he has made arrangements with the old man, who also goes to the teahouse, to feed in Mr A's absence.

Tomorrow our vet Mehmet is coming out to the house to do check-ups on all our 10 rescues.   We have a few concerns that we want him to look at.  Blondie grazed her leg some time ago.  We treated with antibacterial powder and then later she had an antibiotic injectıon.  It seemed to have been healing well, but I am concerned about how long it is taking so it needs further examination.

The other concerns I have are about Melek and Chas.   I have to own up to this possibly being paranoia on my part, but I worry that in spite of them eating two large meals a day, they seem a little thin.   They seem healthy otherwise, but you'll probably understand how I feel because Dave, who died suddenly in January, was their brother.   I need to be reassured that they are both OK.  If there are any doubts at all, then we will get them over to the Bodrum vet for tests.   Fingers crossed for them please.

So that's all my dog news for this week.


  1. I'm glad Mr A has another job, but I wish for both your sakes he could find one in a different area of work. Sorry to hear there are yet more pups to be found and cared-for.

    1. Thanks Perpetua. Yes I'd prefer it if he were out of tourism, but needs must

  2. Good luck Mr A. Good news that he'll be close to home.

    1. Thanks BtoB. Not as close as we hoped. In Gumbet. But at least this job pays a salary and the hours are more reasonable.


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