Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Update on Nancy, Kahve and other dogs...and some good news.

Nancy was spayed on Saturday and yesterday she was collected from our vet in Milas and taken to the sanayi.  We had hoped that someone might want to adopt her, but sadly it hasn't happened. She will be safer now than if she had returned to the village.  She will be monitored and we hope that she will settle well into her new environment.
Getting to know the newcomer Nancy

Our friend Steve kindly took Mr A  in his car to collect Nancy, and also to stock up on some more sacks of dog food from Migros, which currently has a special offer on 15kg sacks.

When they were at the sanayi they noticed that Kahve ( who we recently placed at the sanayi for safety) seemed to have a recurrence of mange, which we treated previously.   Steve uses a vet in Bodrum for the dogs that he helps, and this vet charges the same kind of prices as our Milas vet for treatment of street dogs.  The advantage with the Bodrum vet is that he has more facilities than Milas for doing blood tests etc.  As Steve thought there was a possibility that Kahve could have leishmaniasis rather than mange, he took Mr A and Kahve to the vet in Bodrum.

Good news is that it isn't leishmaniasis.  It is mange and this is being treated.  He also has a virus and he is having treatment for this which needs to be administered every day.  Mr A will do this, and Steve has offered to help.  They noticed another dog at the sanayi needing treatment and Steve will take this one to Bodrum vet tomorrow.

We are so grateful to our new friends Steve and Rita.....and Jacky and Jim.  We have only known you all for a short time but you have been so helpful to us and our dogs.   Thankyou xxx

Now for some very good news.  

As you know we rely on your donations to help us continue to do what we can for the dogs, and I am very grateful to each and every one of you who has given.   We mostly  manage quite well with careful budgeting and sourcing dog food on special offer, at the same time keeping our fingers crossed that we don't face too many problems which will involve vet bills.

We do have plans to do more to the dogs areas in our garden to make them safe and easy to keep clean.  Mr A has already erected fences and gates separating the areas at the side and back of the house, and a shelter to protect two kennels for Chas and Melek.   This area has also been cemented.

He has made the "bedroom" in the old house more comfortable and practical,  building wooden beds on metal frames and legs which we cover with blankets for Megan, Sammy, Blondie and Freddie.  Even though the two areas are connected by a gate, all six dogs come and go and share their beds.

We can separate the two areas when necessary, ie for feeding, and if we have a poorly dog that we want to isolate from the rest.

We made a start on the area at the back which needs cementing.  Stones have already been laid, but we only do bits and pieces as and when we can afford to.  There are a few jagged pieces of rock and I suspect this was how Melek managed to cut one of her foot pads last week. The cement needs to be laid as soon as possible.

Our main gate leading to the driveway is not safe.  It moves, even though Mr A has tried several times to fix it.  It did actually collapse one day but fortunately we were around to prevent the 4 small dogs from getting out.  It needs to be repaired if possible but more likely  a new more substantial gate needs to be made.  Mr A has some metal poles which he was given which will be used as a frame for the gate.

Mr A also has nowhere to shelter his motorbike, which during the recent spate of heavy rain has been difficult to start.  It's our only form of transport and essential for Mr A to use to feed the dogs in the village and deliver food to those people who are feeding dogs for us.  He had started making a shelter for the bike by building a frame and cementing the base but needs to cover it.  Again another job that has been put to one side.

This week a  very good friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, has donated the money which will enable us to get all this work done.  She is happy for us to spend it on whatever we feel is necessary to make life easier and safer for the dogs.  She did also say "treat yourselves too" but there is nothing we need for ourselves.  (I did say maybe I would buy some chocolate but as you will see further on, this wasn't necessary).   Anyway, I want to thank my friend very much for her generosity. We are so grateful...bless you xxx

  Mr A's friend Mehmet will help with the work by doing all the heavy lifting that Mr A can't manage at the moment since his operation.  Here are some "before" photos and hopefully soon we can post the "after" ones.
 Areas to be cemented

Gate to be fixed or replaced (and our bike which needs shelter)

The bike shelter frame in need of completion

Yesterday I travelled by bus over to Didim to visit friends Elizabeth and Valerie. I set off in rain but by the time I arrived the sun was shining and continued to do so for the rest of the day.  We chatted constantly...about dogs...the majority of my friends these days are also obsessed with dogs!  A stroll up to the Temple of Apollo, and a lovely dinner in the evening at a local restaurant (with quite a lot of wine!)., and Elizabeth's friend Isobel joined us..   It was a very enjoyable evening.

I stayed the night at Elizabeth's house and they dropped me back in the village this morning on their way to the airport, armed with bags of goodies, including lots of books, wine, filter coffee. chewsticks for the dogs....and chocolate!  Thankyou my dear friends for a lovely time xxx

The last 24 hours has recharged my batteries and the positive things that have happened this week make me so happy and optimistic.  Onwards and upwards.


As I write this blog I have just received a phone call from Mr A.  He was in Milas and witnessed a dog being hit by a car.   Of course the car didn't stop.  Mr A tried to call our vet in Milas but couldn't get hold of him, so he phoned Steve.  

SuperSteve to the rescue.

They took the dog to the Milas Belediye shelter where he will be treated by the vet.   As you know we don't have much involvement with the Milas shelter.  They have been less than helpful with our village dogs, even though the village comes under the Milas council.  However, this injured dog is a Milas dog, so they had no choice but to take him in and give him the treatment that he needs.

And that's all my news for now.


  1. Lovely news Linda.I'm so pleased for you.

    1. Thanks Pauline. It ıs good news isn't it?

  2. I read somewhere that of a car hıts a dog, the dog's vet treatment will be covered by the car's compulsory insurance. (If you get the number plate or if they stop). Do you know if that is true?

    1. I've also heard the same BtoB but like you I don't know if it's true. I asked Mr A if he got the number as he would certainly have reported it to the police. But it all happened so quickly and he was anxious to get the dog out of the road that he didn't get the number. I do need to check this out though.

  3. All these dogs are so lucky to have you!

  4. I'm so glad you feel things are on the up...and that you find that you're not on your own in trying to care for abandoned dogs. Nothing like a bit of solidarity...and wine, books and chocolate don't go amiss either!

    1. Thankyou Helen. It's so true. Finding new like-minded friends who do the same as us is wonderful. All working together means we can make a bigger difference to the plight of these dogs. The chocolate is going down nicely. I ate too much of it last night and feel rather sick this mornıng. I need to pace myself! xxxxx

  5. How lovely to hear some really good news, Ayak. It will be so nice for you get the work done and I'm sure it will make life easier for you. Enjoy the chocolate! :-)

    1. Yes it's been a good week all in all Perpetua. It does help us to stay positive when things go well xxx


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