Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A busy day

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day one way or another.

Our vet was due to pay us a visit on Monday to check our 10 dogs but unfortunately was so busy he couldn't make it until later, but Mr A starts work today (Wednesday) so we decided that we needed to get Melek checked (due to my paranoia mentioned in my last post...worrying that she is too thin and because her brother Dave died I guess I will always worry).   Also Blondie has had a graze on her leg which is taking a long time to heal so this needed looking at.

As we only have a motorbike, our vet kindly offered us the use of his car if we paid for petrol so Mr A collected it and we took Blondie and Melek to the clinic.

On the way we dropped off my laptop at a computer shop.  My laptop is new but only has 2GB memory which has now proved to be insufficient (I keep getting pop-ups telling me which is very irritating).  My brother-in-law who advises me on all computer related stuff said to get another RAM of 4GB.  (Please don't think I know what I'm talking about...I don't...I just follow advice).  So we dropped it off to be collected later.

Mehmet says Melek is not too thin...actually just perfect.   To be safe he gave her a stronger worm tablet than I had used and also, I think more to reassure me, two immune booster injectıons.  We have exactly the same to give to Chas, her brother, so that I can stop worrying so much.

Blondie's graze isn't serious and we have some more antibiotic cream to use on it.

We bought more sacks of dogfood, dropping one at the sanayi for the 20plus dogs being fed there, one to the old man in the village who is feeding 10 dogs, and one to the lady feeding Annie.  It seems that this lady is now also feeding 4 other street dogs, which is lovely.  We are very grateful to her for caring and will continue to supply enough food for Annie and the others.

These three people are now well stocked up with food to make sure they have enough until Mr A has time to deliver more.   If he isn't home in time to visit the teahouse and feed the dogs that gather there in the evenings he has arranged for the old man to feed them.  All this planning is falling into place.  It's what we always hoped to achieve...others taking a little responsibility for the dogs.

When we arrived home with the two dogs, Blondie (always a bit of a Houdini) leapt out of the car and straight up the hill behind the house.  I called her and she just ran.  However I managed to tempt her back with a simit.  We used to let the big dogs out for a run up the hill every day but because of the poisonings and shootings that have happened in the past few months, we can no longer take the risk.

When I went into the house, I discovered that there was no electricity.  Not unusual here...we have frequent powercuts.  I later discovered that it was an outage that affected the whole country.

I posted on Facebook yesterday morning  about this mum and pups:

These 7 pups are less than a week old. The mum gave birth in a different part of village but she was chased away. After searching she was found in this old barn where she must have carried her babies one by one to safety. We have put down a blanket for mum and are feeding her but this is not a safe part of the village so today we have to find a solution.
So we set off to look for a safer place for them, but apart from the fact that we are running out of safe places, we were reluctant to move them.  A further update on Facebook (using my phone with the battery getting lower, and being unable to charge) :

Update on mum and 7 pups. They are still in same place. We have told people in nearby houses they are our responsibility and just hope they take notice and don't touch them. Pups are just too young to be moved and we don't want to risk mum rejecting them. She is a wonderful mum and so gentle. She has two male bodyguards. Black one we called Jet and brown one Butch. We have called mum Lucy in memory of Ishbel's Lucy (World Bıke Girl). I am feeding all three. Kaya starts work tomorrow so I will be caring for them. I will check on them twice a day, feed, change water etc. As you probably know there is a power outage all over Turkey. We also have no phone or internet. This could continue for some time. We just don't know yet. I have limited internet on my phone so may not post much for a while. Fingers crossed everyone for Lucy, her babies, Jet and Butch that I can keep them safe.

We collected my laptop from Milas, returned Mehmet's car and came back home on the motorbike. The power was still off.  We heard that it could be off for some time so Mr A decided to go and look for a secondhand generator.  So he set off again to see a friend in Milas who has a hardware shop.  He had ten small new generators for sale and people queuing up to buy them.  He saw Mr A and had a word and told him to hang on and he would save one for him.   The man sold them like hotcakes at 700 lira each and Mr A told him that we just couldn't afford that sort of money, but his friend was so delighted to have made so many sales that he let Mr A have the last one for half price!  Not only that, he threw in some extension leads and a litre of petrol.  Too good a bargain to miss.

Back home, set up the generator, plugged in the modem and internet connection.  Checked the phone line...dead.  But the generator works perfectly.  The nationwide power outage had also included internet and phone lines.  However, it is going to be really useful to have for the frequent power cuts here.

Power was finally restored around 9pm and five minutes later internet connection was made.

Quite a hectic day.  And today may be another difficult one as we have woken up to no water.   Not sure how long this will last, but just another typical day in Turkey!

I'll leave you with some photos of Lucy and her pups, and her two bodyguards Jet and Butch.

If you would like to donate towards the feeding and care of these and the many other dogs we feed on the streets, you will find the Paypal button at the top of the page.  Thankyou.

Linda I. Kaya's photo.
Linda I. Kaya's photo.


  1. Good to get an update, Ayak - but phew, what a palava! The pups look gorgeous, if numerous, and their mum, Lucy, has such a gentle, patient air about her and obviously trusts you completely. Fingers crossed for a happy outcome for them all.
    We get frequent power cuts here but it doesn't usually affect the whole country! That's some outage!
    Take care,

    1. It's certainly the biggest outage I've experienced Annie. I may have good news about Lucy and her pups this space!

  2. She's a trusting soul, isn't she...but dogs tend to know who cares about them.

    1. Well if you treat them with kindness you get it back don't you Helen? It's so simple really. Pity more people didn't understand this

  3. You are making me feel very lazy with all your whizzing about.

    1. ...and it's been another busy day today...tomorrow looks like it will be more of the same!

  4. What a lovely dog and the pups are sweet. I do hope you get the good news you mention. As for the power cut, I can imagine all sorts of after-effects of a big outage, including problems with watyer supply. Hope it's all sorted out soon.

    1. It's all back to normal now Perpetua...touch wood!


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