Monday, 13 April 2015

Monday Update

After Olive left on Friday I was pretty upset.  I was determined to get her to fit in but it wasn't to be.  Although shortly after she left, the other dogs seemed to visibly relax and get back to their normal selves.  Fistik stopped going to the toilet in the house, and there was much less aggitated barking from the big dogs.  I hadn't realised until that point how stressed they (and I) had become over the previous few days.  So I am satisfied that the right decision was made both for Olive and all of our dogs.

Tommy had an eye infection but because I was stuck at home and unable to leave the dogs I wasn't able to get to the vet to get treatment.  On Saturday afternoon Mr A popped home and went into Milas to collect two lots of eye drops.  We discovered that Annie also had an eye infectıon.  So he took the drops to Annie's "mum" and showed her how to administer them.  Tommy has had the drops for three days now and the infection has cleared up.

We also needed more food for the people feeding dogs in the village and sanayi.  The old man is now feeding at least 10 dogs, as well as a few more that Mr A was feeding in the village each evening. which he has agreed to do while Mr A is away working.

Annie's mum is feeding her and four more dogs, and the man at the sanayi is feeding more than 20 dogs each day, so Mr A collected more sacks from Milas and delivered to these kind and helpful people.

We are currently getting through at least five or six 15kg sacks of food each week.  We supplement this with pasta mixed with wet food, and the sanayi man, Annie's mum and the old man also give any scraps they have.  Each 15kg sack costs around £13 so as you can imagine it's becoming difficult to raise sufficient funds to cover this.  At the moment we are using our own limited resources to fund the feeding programme, so donations are always welcome.  A big thankyou to everyone who has donated to date and to those who have kindly set up monthly standing orders with Paypal.  This is very useful and enables me to budget.

Jacky, who took Lucy and her 7 pups to safety, is in the UK at the moment, but I have heard that the pups and Lucy have settled well, and there is another Mum and pups there too, so they have company.

Jet and Butch, who were Lucy's bodyguards when she was still in the village are now turning up to be fed by the old man in the village each evening.  I am pleased about this because we felt that the area where they were previously, with Lucy, isn't safe.

I went into Milas this morning with my friend David and collected a further two 15kg sacks of food and a dozen tins of wet food which were on special offer in Kipa.   I am stocking up as much as possible because I go to England next Tuesday for two weeks for my grandsons' 4th and 6th birthdays.  Mr A will still be working but will come home late afternoon every day and stay overnight to look after our dogs.

And that's my Monday update.


  1. You're making a change in your area...just a pity that you have to pay for it all!

    1. It's how it goes Helen. The numbers of dogs had decreased over the winter months and it was easier to manage. Now there seem to be many more dogs around. I feel sure they are being dumped here. It's never-ending :(


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