Friday, 17 April 2015

Preparing to go away....

It takes a lot of organising, that's for sure, and it's never straightforward.

Tommy had conjuctivitis last week.  We got drops from the vet and it seemed to have cleared up after a couple of days.  In the meantime he passed it on to Timmy, who then passed it on to Monty, who passed it back to Tommy.   Clearly Tommy didn't want Fistik to be left out, so he passed it on to her.

Luckily we have enough drops to go around, and it seems to be doing the trick, although I will be popping into the vet tomorrow to get another bottle.  Monty has also reacted to the paraband collar and his neck is a little sore.  He has sensitive skin and it was quite nasty when he first came to us, but he has had no problems since.  My remedy for this condition has been a drop of olive oil in his food every day.  In fact I put it in the food for all my dogs, and they have shiny healthy coats.

The collar has been removed and I will get spot-on flea and tick treatment from the vet.

So I'm off to England early on Tuesday morning.   Mr A has been staying in personnel accommodation to save petrol costs, but he will be coming home every day for the two weeks I'm away.  He will feed them every morning, and be home between 5 and 6pm, feed them again and be here all night.   They are all safe and quite happy to be outside during the day, particularly as the weather is now warmer.  The 6 big dogs have the run of the side and back of the house, and the 4 little ones the driveway and the balcony (which is sheltered from the sun).  The big gate that Mr A built has a double lock on it, so no chance of anyone opening it.

The bad news is that Mr A's motorbike has been stolen from outside his accommodation.  He has informed the police, who said that a number have been stolen in the area recently.  I think it's unlikely he'll see it again.  It is only insured for traffic accidents, not for theft, so that's that.

This means that he will have to use the bus to get to and from work while I'm away, but as he is not yet busy, he will be able to leave early enough.  He asked to borrow a car from his boss to come home on Monday to take me to the aırport early Tuesday morning, and the boss said he would let him know.   I hate uncertainty and leaving things till the last minute, so my friend David is kindly taking me to the aırport.

The people feeding dogs for us in the village and sanayi have been stocked up with food, and I have bought enough for our dogs for the two weeks I'm away.

I keep thinking I must have forgotten something, and didn't sleep last night because I was anxious.  Although  I wouldn't have got much sleep anyway because the dogs were barking most of the night.  One of the hazards of the warmer weather.  They sleep in the sun all day and are wide awake at night.

I'd like to think that my two weeks away would give me time to relax, but with two young grandsons keeping me's not likely!   However, I am so looking forward to seeing them...I'll catch up with sleep when I get back!

Billy today at the park

and Jimi 

PS.  I've written about Gokova Animal Rescue on here several times, and mentioned how I appreciate support from Sonia Garnett who runs it.  I have been added as an Admin to the group on Facebook to help her and existing Admin when necessary.

If you are not already on this group page, and would like to read about the good work they do in their area, this is the LİNK 


  1. Poor Mr A. He and you could have done without this added problem just as you go away. I'm glad you've got your preparations sorted. Have a wonderful time. :)

    1. These things always happen at the wrong time...but we've sorted out his getting to work and back thank goodness

  2. Hope you have a lovely break in the UK with your family Linda, enjoy and return refreshed :D


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