Saturday, 4 April 2015


Yesterday Jacky and Jim drove over from Tuzla to bring Olive to me...the dog I agreed to foster for a couple of weeks until the day before I go to England.

They also hoped to collect Lucy and her pups to take over to Tuzla where they will be much safer than here in the village.

I set off to meet them in the village and we drove up to the barn, but there was no sign of Lucy, Jet or Butch, but the pups were all fine.  We searched for a while, called and whistled (well actually Jim whistled because I can't) but nothing.  So we abandoned the attempt and took Olive up to our house.

Understandably she was scared at first.  Monty, Tommy and Fistik were fine but as usual Timmy made his presence felt.  As soon as the dogs at the back...Sammy, Megan, Blondie, Freddie, Chas and Melek caught sight of Lucy they barked and wouldn't stop, so she retreated.

However, it didn't take her long to settle in with the four little ones.  When Timmy barks at her, she just stares at him and he stops.

She ate some dinner and visibly relaxed, tail wagging.  She even joined the other four to bark at the sheep passing the house.  Eventually she ventured inside the house and made herself at home.

I was pleased that Mr A managed to get home last night as he has a deeper voice and can quieten the big dogs when they keep barking.  I wasn't sure where to leave her for the night.  I tried the balcony and she seemed happy enough, but when I went out later to check on her, she followed me back into the house and jumped on the bed...and that's where she stayed all night.

She is a lovely dog with a very gentle nature and I expect you can guess that I have fallen in love with her already!

Mr A is off today as there are no customers at the moment, so he went to meet Jim in the village just before 8am, who was accompanied by SuperSteve.   Again no sign of Lucy, and they searched and whistled, and Mr A drove around the village on his motorbike looking for her.  Another failed attempt.

Jim drove back to Steve's house to drop him off, and Mr A kept searching for Lucy and at last she returned to the barn where he managed to put a collar and lead on her.  He phoned Steve and he returned in his car, followed by Jim.   This village is like a maze and Jim got lost at one point and ended up at my house.  I got into the car to show him how to find the barn again, and before we set off Steve rang to say Lucy and pups were all in his car and he was heading off to Tuzla, and Jim would then follow on.

So a bit of dashing around but eventually the mission was accomplished.

Here are a couple of videos that you might enjoy.

VIDEO No 1 Lucy feeding pups

VİDEO No 2 Lucy's pups

And thankyou to those of you who who donated over the past few days.   It means so much to us to get some help with the expense of feeding the village dogs.  I am still in desperate need though, so if anyone can spare just a little, it will be of enormous help.  (As usual you will find the Paypal button at the top of the page).  Thankyou xx


Lucy and her pups are now safely settled at Tuzla.  And we are keeping Olive...well you knew we would didn't you?  I just can't do this fostering thing.  I love them immediately and don't want to give them back 


  1. It's a madhouse, isn't it...but with a bit of goodwill all round it's amazing what you can do.

    1. Yes it is a bit crazy Helen. That's for sure :)

  2. It must help to have this network of people who care as much as you do. There is strength in co-operation.

    1. Oh it has made such a huge difference Perpetua. We are making plans to work together which makes me feel so much less isolated. And at the same time I have made some very good friends. A win win situation.

  3. Olive looks like she's used to being a house dog.

    1. She used to sleep in an office at night belonging to the business man who looked after her and several other street dogs. Unfortunately she used to like to chase cars and now its getting busier it had become a real problem. She needed to be away from the area fast and plans made for her future. See my Update above.

  4. Actually, I believed you were fostering her! But she does look a sweetheart. Wishing Lucy and her babies all the best. Axxx


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