Friday, 3 April 2015

Update on Mum Lucy and pups

When I went down to feed Lucy on Tuesday she was sitting at the doorway of the barn, guarding her babies.  Butch was outside.  Suddenly another dog appeared, he was black and at first I thought it was Jet, but when he got closer I realised it wasn't.   I put food in the barn for Lucy then came outside to feed Butch and this other dog.

In a split second the black dog attacked Butch.  I shouted and stamped my feet and eventually they stopped (reminder to self...always take a spray bottle with water for such usually works).
At the same time Jet appeared...took one look at what was going on and ran in the other direction.

Sadly this black dog looks very sick and is extremely aggressive.  I am worried for him but not sure what to do at the moment.  He ate food then ran away.  I eventually managed to calm Butch and he ate too.

The puppies were fine.

This incident worried me.  I am concerned for the safety of Lucy and her pups.

On Tuesday evening I had a call from Jacky who does the same as us over at Tuzla and has a small shelter area where she cares for sick dogs and puppies.  She and her husband Jim have been very supportive of me, and it is hoped that we can continue to work together to help each other in the future.

Jacky asked me a favour.  Would I be able to foster a small dog for her for a few weeks.   I said yes, but I can only have her until the 20th because I go to the UK on the 21st.  This is sufficient for Jacky at the moment.  In return Jacky will take Lucy and pups over to Tuzla.  They will have a large kennel in a separate area.  Eventually Lucy will be spayed and returned to either our village or a place of safety.

We will work together to try to find the pups homes.  Jacky thinks along the same lines as me.  We feel that these dogs are best on the streets in their familiar environment, or if we are concerned, we will find a safer place for them, while we continue to feed them and keep them as healthy as possible.

Yesterday I went down to the barn.  Lucy wasn't there but the most heartwarming sight greeted me.  Inside the barn, Jet was laying just behind the pups watching over them, whilst Butch was inside the doorway looking out...guarding them.  I almost burst into tears.  If only humans could be as sensitive and caring as dogs.  No doubt Lucy needs a wander about, a break from the babies, so left her two bodyguards in charge!

Jacky collected me yesterday afternoon and as we both needed a break, we drove over to Bodrum, browsed the shops at Midtown, had some lunch, and did some shopping in Kipa....and talked non-stop about dogs (naturally) and plans for the future.   It was so enjoyable and I think helped us both to re-charge our batteries.

Today is going to be quite busy.  Jacky and Jim will come over to the village and we will attempt to get Lucy and pups into the car to take to Tuzla.  If Lucy isn't about, we will postpone until tomorrow.  Then the dog to be fostered...Olive...will be collected and brought to me.  I'm hoping my 4 little ones will make her welcome.  I'm sure there will be lots of play fighting to start with, but fingers crossed she settles.

I will continue to feed Jet and Butch after Lucy goes, and will try to deal with the sick dog.  Hopefully with the help of my vet.  One step at a time of course...there is only so much I can do in one day.

Mr A came home last night as his accommodation that goes with the job wasn't ready.  He found out that the old man who feeds 10 dogs on the outskirts of the village has now encouraged the dogs in the centre to follow him.  He knows the village centre isn't the safest place, and is now feeding around 20 dogs each day outside his house, so we need to keep him stocked up.  Bless his heart for caring.

Stocks of food are running low, and we are spending our own money at the moment, so if anyone would like to help, you will find the Paypal button at the top of this page.  Thankyou x


  1. I love reading your and your husband do a great job.keep up the good work and keep up your blogs.good luck with homing the wishes joanne

  2. So glad that you now have a network of dog loving friends to help out....but the numbers needing help never decrease do they!

    1. They certainly don't Helen. No sooner do we get one to safety than several more take it's place. It's never-ending

  3. Glad to hear that Lucy and the pups will be cared for, but it must be so disheartening to see the need constantly increase.

    1. It ıs disheartening at times Perpetua. It's never-ending. So many dogs out there needing help :(


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