Saturday, 16 May 2015

Mr A's job and delivering food for the dogs

Mr A had a rare opportunity to get home for a few hours late yesterday afternoon.   He is working so hard and as usual his Turkish boss is getting more than his pound of flesh.   As a holiday rep he has the responsibility for around 20 hotels.  He has been provided with a car and is clocking up approximately 400 km per day.  He has to meet customers at the airport and put them on the transfer buses.  He spends each day going from one hotel to another doing welcome meetings and dealing with customer problems.  He is working far too many hours and not getting enough sleep.

I worry about him.  I am concerned that he will have an accident in the car.  In fact he told me yesterday that he had skidded on the road earlier this week after it had rained and bumped the front of the car.   The cost of repairing the damage was 150 lira.  One would have thought that as this is a company car it would be covered by company insurance.  It probably is, but Mr A had to pay for the repair.   Not fair  is it?  But nothing is fair when it comes to seasonal work in Turkey.  I wish he would take one day off each week...just to sleep...but he won't because the season is short and he is trying to earn as much money as possible to get us through the long winter months.

It would have been good for him to have stayed last night, to get some sleep.  However, he arrived home at about 6pm and needed to be at the airport (10 minutes from here) at 9.15pm to meet customers.  

Our three "feeders", Annie's mum (who now feeds 4 more dogs as well as Annie), the old man on the outskirts of the village who feeds 9 or 10 dogs, and the sanayi man who feeds more than 20 dogs, all have Mr A's phone number.  They let him know when stocks are running low.  Mr A's last delivery was just before I returned from England.  As he was coming home every day to feed our dogs, it was possible for him to deliver to them.

As the season gets under way there will be less opportunity for him to deliver food, so we decided to go to Milas yesterday to buy more food and make another delivery.

First we went to the sanayi and saw, amongst others, Kahve, Nancy, and the dog we managed to save after he was poisoned.  Kahve has had mange on two occasions and we have treated this.  He is now doing well, his coat is lovely and no sign of mange.   Nancy is looking good, as is the dog who was poisoned...both well fed and healthy.  I had left my phone at home and Mr A's battery was flat which is a shame because I would love to have taken photos of these happy dogs.

Next we went to Annie's house.   The family was out so we left the sacks of food in a safe place.  We couldn't see Annie anywhere but after Mr A whistled for 5 minutes she appeared, wagging her tail.  In spite of her deformity she is doing so well, running and jumping, and was very pleased to see us.

Finally to the outskirts of the village in the opposite direction to the house of the old man.  He was also out but we already have a safe place to leave the food, and we chatted to his neighbours who are very nice people and have no objections to the 9 or 10 dogs that arrive each day to be fed.  In spite of the animosity towards street dogs from a lot of the villagers, it is reassuring to know that not everyone hates them or wishes them harm.

We returned home and Mr A had just enough time for a sandwich before setting off to the airport.

Thankyou to those of you who have donated this week, which enabled us to stock up with food again.  I am so grateful.  As you know this is ongoing, so anyone who wishes to give a little something to help, you will find the paypal button at the top of this page.  Thankyou xx


  1. Apart from sharing your concern that Mr A is definitely working too hard - 400kms a day is an awful lot, isn't it - I am delighted that you have such a great group helping you to look after all those dogs. They sound a delightful bunch now they have some care and love. It must warm your heart considerably and you really should be very proud of yourself - as well as your lovely husband. Axxx

    1. Thanks Annie. It is reassuring but it's important to constantly thank and encourage these people. People can be fickle. They can stop what they are doing at anytime so I never take it for granted x

  2. Glad you got to see Mr. A and will pray he stays safe with the little amount of sleep he is getting.

  3. Hope this job includes a regular salary - or is that too much to wish for.

    1. A basic (very basic) salary BtoB but reliant on commission to get anywhere near a decent wage.


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