Monday, 18 May 2015


This gentle little girl first appeared in Gokova about two months ago.

Beria, who feeds and cares for countless dogs in Gokova and the surrounding areas, saw that she had mange and treated her for this, thanks to a donation from one of my supporters, Christine.   It also appears that she was run over and was seen with a bleeding nose but she then disappeared again.

Beria has continued to search for her, and other Gokova volunteers, Sonia and Janice, have also been on the lookout for her.

She was found again by Beria outside the kennels in Gokova, and promptly disappeared again.  Until last week, when she was finally caught, having been run over yet again. 

She is now in the vet clinic, she has a broken hip and ringworm, and is being treated for these.

This lovely girl clearly cannot manage life on the streets and desperately needs a home.  A permanant home would be ideal of course, but urgent foster placement would help in the meantime.

All her costs will be covered.

If you are able to give Rosie a home, please contact me on here or on Facebook, or join Gokova Animal Rescue page (the link can be found on my sidebar), or contact Beria Atamturk.

This is urgent, so even if you can't give Rosie a home,  sharing this blog on your Facebook page will be helpful.



  1. Poor Rosie, she has been in the wars.

    1. She has BtoB. I do hope someone will give her a home soon

  2. I will foster her Linda.F.xx


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