Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Update on Timmy, Blondie and David

Timmy was neutered on Friday.  The operation went well but when I got him home I noticed that the scrotal sac was very swollen.  I haven't experienced this with any of the other boys I've had neutered and as the day went on I was concerned so took a photo and sent to my vet (don't you just love this facility?  Technology is so useful sometimes).

Whilst awaiting my vet's reply I searched the internet and discovered that this is a normal reaction with some dogs and it can take some time for the swelling to go down.  When Mehmet phoned me he confirmed that this was the case but if I was concerned to take Timmy back to see him.

On Saturday Timmy was running about and eating.  He had also been to the toilet so I wasn't unduly worried.  He even managed to bark at the sheep.  He is now back to his normal self.  The swelling has reduced slightly.  It still looks horrible but is causing him no problems so I'm sure he will be fine.  He is still cocking his leg in the house unfortunately but as it takes about two weeks for the testosterone to leave the body after neutering, it's early days and I won't know yet whether he will get out of this habit.

I talked to Mehmet about Blondie's ankle.  He says to continue to do what I am doing, ie bathing with salt water, applying antibacterial powder, and giving the course of pencillin injections daily.  I gave the last one this morning.  I am still uncertain about whether this is healing satisfactorily so of course will continue to treat it and return to the vet if it's no better soon.

You'll notice in the title of this blog that it's also an update on my friend David, but it's more about a dog he rescued from the streets a few weeks ago.  David has always been concerned about street dogs and usually carries a bag of dogfood with him to stop and feed any strays that look hungry.  He has also been very helpful to me when Mr A is working, taking me to the vets, and helping me transport sacks of dogfood.

He noticed Molly at the side of a road and stopped to feed her each day, but was so concerned for her, decided to take her home.  It isn't easy for him to integrate a new dog with his two existing dogs.  He has tried before and it hasn't worked, but thankfully this time, with persistence and patience, Molly has settled, and Dillon and Mavi pretty much ignore her.

David took Timmy and I to the vets on Friday, along with Molly to have her spayed and all her vaccinations.  Again the operation went well, but it wasn't straightforward.  Molly was already pregnant.  As David has only had her for a couple of weeks, it would seem likely that she fell pregnant just before he rescued her.   The feotuses were aborted and she was spayed.  Both David and I have mixed feelings about this.  It is sad that we live in a country where knowing this was carried out was actually a relief.  There are just so many pups out there, born on the streets, dying slowly from disease and starvation, that I am thankful that my vet believed there was no other choice.

Anyway this is Molly.  Now a happy, healthy, safe and much loved  little girl.


  1. Molly looks like a lovely little dog. No wonder David couldn't resist her. She reminds me strongly of the much-loved dog we had when i was a little girl.

    1. Yes she is lovely Perpetua. David was anxious about her settling in with his two dogs as they are quite stubborn about another one invading their territory, but so far everything is fine.

  2. Jake had the same reaction to his operation. I wondered if it had been done, but he recovered in a week. - Thanks goodness for people like David. (who I have still not met , we must rectify this)

    1. Well it's now a week later BtoB and he is fine. Yes we must get together with David soon. x


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