Friday, 12 June 2015

Hospital, Vet, Hairdressers, Shopping and Dog beds

It's been a busy couple of days.  On Wednesday David collected me and we drove over to Bodrum for some shopping Koctaş (similar to B & Q) for David and to check out pet shops to find dog beds for my big dogs.  I have been making do with makeshift beds for a while and recently I swopped one of the kennels with David for a large plastic bed.  David's recent addition to his dog family, Molly, loves the kennel, and my dogs love the plastic bed.

I had searched online for the beds and the cheapest I could find was with Hepsiburada for around 100 lira each.  I also checked out the prices of their dogfood and attempted to place an order.   I decided that I would just have to buy one or possibly two beds at a time because of the cost.  I followed the ordering procedure right through to the point of payment, only to find that they don't accept debit cards (I don't have a credit card).  So back to square one.

After checking out other pet shops we found one just off the Bitez roundabout and saw the exact same beds I'd seen on Hepsiburada and the prıce was 60 lira each.  Quite a difference.  They only had 4 of the size I wanted, and a larger one for 75 lira.  I decided to buy all five and the man let me have the larger one for 60 lira too.  He also has 15kg sacks of dog food, several different varieties that I have used before, and sells them at 45 lira.  So I stocked up.  I have his card and I can phone him whenever I need more stocks, let him know which kind, and he will make sure he gets them for me.  Mr A is in this area every day, so he will be able to collect for me.

On our way back we found a tiny white fluffy pup in the road.  We stopped and picked her up and asked around to see if she belonged to anyone or whether there was a mum or siblings.  Nothing.  We couldn't leave her there so David has taken her home.  As he already has 3 dogs he has yet to decide whether he will find a home for her.  In the meantime, I gave David worm tablets for her and a spare small bed, and we will take her to our vet to get her checked out and vaccinated.

Yesterday I had an appointment at the hospital in Milas for some tests.  Mr A took some time off, a rare occurrence, and it was nice not to have to struggle through the hospital system on my own.   We had to wait two hours for results, so we went for a coffee, and then I managed to get a much needed haircut.  I don't know if I mentioned that my current hairdresser lives in our village.  The last time I used him he kindly came to the house on a Monday (his day off) which is very convenient.   I was pleased with the trim yesterday and he also sold me some serum and hairspray at cost, which worked out cheaper than inferior products in the shops.

Next a visit to our vet to pick up some more Paraband collars.  I had been using a few of a similar product suggested by the vet called Kiltik, but these work loose and come off very easily and get lost or I wouldn't recommend them.

Finally a quick scoot around the supermarket for shopping and then to collect the results of the tests from the hospital which at the moment are fine.

We managed all this in four hours.   After returning home, Mr A relaxed for an hour or so, then it was back to work for him.

A productive and satisfying couple of days.


  1. Busy day. Is the pet shop mentioned the one on the road to Bitez village about 100m from the roundabout?

    1. Yes that's the one BtoB. Run by husband and wife. Very nice couple and they speak a little English x

  2. really motor, don't you!

    That little pup looks adorable...any news on her future?

    1. She's a sweet little pup Helen. David really wants to keep her but his other half isn't happy about another dog, making it four. So we'll see.

  3. Wow, you've been busy, Ayak, but it's obviously been a very productive busyness. Well done on finding a new and very reasonable supplier for dog food and other necessities. I'm glad the test results were good. :)

    1. Thanks Perpetua. I'm glad of a fairly relaxing day today as the temperature is rising very fast!


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