Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer Sleep Pattern

Well here we are in the second week of Ramazan.  I don't hear the drummer at all now.  In fact I think he may well have given up his patrol at the bottom of the village.

However, my dogs are barking on and off all night.  The slightest sound sets them off.

 At this time of year the heat causes them to sleep all day, then when it cools down slightly at night they are wide awake.   Their area is outside my bedroom window so I can hear them running about and playing.

We do seem to be getting foxes up on the hill behind the house. My neighbours on either side have chickens.  The construction of their chicken coops leaves much to be desired, so the chickens can get out quite easily.  The neighbours tolerate my dogs barking.  In fact Dursune is very happy about it.  It scares off the foxes and protects the chickens.

Sevke's chickens are frankly a bloody nuisance at the moment.  They are getting into our garden and eating tomato, courgette and pepper plants.  

One evening over a week ago when Mr A finished work while it was still light, he started to construct the bamboo fencing around the top of the garden which would prevent Sevke's chickens from getting in.  Unfortunately it got dark before he finished, so there is now a gap. He hasn't been home much since then so not much chance of the fence being finished any time soon.

The chickens now come and go through the gap.   Tommy barks furiously at them.  I try to shoo them away, sometimes with the hosepipe.  Nothing works. These Turkish chickens are hardy (and stubborn) creatures.

Mr A checked in again with the old man about his two missing dogs.  No news at all, so I'm afraid we have to assume they will not be returning.  He is still feeding the rest of the dogs away from his house, on the way to the teahouse.

The sanayi man continues to feed the dogs there, and he is subsidising the food we provide with leftovers from a sanayi cafe.  He phones Mr A when supplies of food are getting low and we deliver more.  The same for the woman who is feeding Annie plus four or five more dogs...her son phones when they need more supplies of food. sleep pattern.   My body clock is all over the place.  I'm awake for most of the night.  During the day it's too hot to sleep but I manage a couple of naps while the dogs are quiet.  It's not ideal of course but I seem to be surviving.   Lots of coffee does the trick...not healthy...but it helps!

Timmy, Monty and Fistik sleeping on the bedroom floor. The coolest spot during the day.


  1. I don't know how you cope on such broken sleep, Ayak. Would earplugs help at night or would your own dogs still wake you?

    1. One reply to your three comments on this and previous posts Perpetua. I'm so tired I'm actually finding it hard to type at the moment. I have tried earplugs...last night..having hunted all over the house for them. They didn't really help to be honest. I end up removing them because I don't like things in my ears! I can't think of a solution at the moment. Will just have to ride it out xx


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