Thursday, 18 June 2015

The month of sleepless nights

It's the start of Ramazan again.  Not my favourite time of year.   I first blogged about Ramazan back in August 2009.  You can read the post HERE

The  Ramazan drummer no longer comes up as far as our house.  I'm relieved about this as it would be absolute bedlam with all 10 dogs barking.   However, it's now 4.45 am and the dogs have been restless for the past half an hour.  There are dogs barking in the distance and roosters crowing.  For some strange reason they start doing this around 2am in Turkey.

There are lights on in houses all over the village as people force themselves to eat a large breakfast before sunrise when the fasting begins.

And talking of eating and fasting, the four little dogs haven't eaten much this past week.  The heat seems to cause them to lose their appetite.  Instead of feeding them twice a day as usual, I've put down a large dish of dog biscuits so they can help themselves during the day.  The six big dogs just eat everything I give them.   I've noticed them getting fat.  This started when I was away in the UK in April.  Mr A always overfeeds them when I'm not here.  I'm trying to cut down on their food and hoping to achieve feeding them just once a day.  Megan in particular has arthritis so extra weight isn't good for her.

There is no news on the old man's two missing dogs.  Mr A would have heard from him if there had been, and the son doesn't appear to be around so no opportunity for Mr A to have a quiet word.  If I hear anything I will of course let you know.

This week Melek and Chas had their booster vaccines, and all 10 were wormed.  I also had to replace three Paraband collars as the previous ones (a different make) had broken and I managed to retrieve them before they were chewed up.

Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with my friend Fleur who had driven over from Kusadasi to meet me in Milas.  As usual when in good company the time flew by.  We don't see each other often because of the distance but we plan to meet up half way in the next week or two at a restaurant overlooking Bafa Lake, where she tells me they serve an excellent breakfast.

Fleur brought some treats for the dogs and present for me...thankyou very much Fleur xx

There are storms due tomorrow and a drop in temperature, which I am looking forward to.  It will be a pleasant relief for a day or two.

Ramazan mübarek olsun

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  1. Poor old chap...he must be beside himself with worry.

    We have the 'little summer' - a break in the rainy season - a month or so early and the heat can build up...the dogs prefer to eat in the early morning and then - more lightly - in the evening.I too leave a dish of biscuits for them, but only a little at a time to make sure they are always fresh.

    1. Yes I do the same with the biscuits Helen...small amount at a time. I'm continuing to feed the big ones twice a day but cutting down the quantities a bit.

  2. We had 2 massive downpours in Hydra , did you get it? It's still very humid though.

    1. No we got absolutely nothing BtoB. So much for the forecast!

  3. Good news about the drummer...but it still sounds as if you are for a somewhat disrupted time. I hope you manage to catch up on lost sleep during the heat of the day. Jx

    1. I take granny naps when I can Janice :)

  4. The combination of heat and Ramazan must be very trying, Ayak. I can quite see why sleeping at night is so difficult. :(

  5. I have just returned from another 2 weeks in Turkey ( May 9th to 23rd & June 16th to 30th)
    So only had 2 weeks of sleepless nights. During the last week we were staying with several different Turkish families in Cappadocia, Urgup, Gorome, Nigde, Kayseri, Antalya, ( you know how they like to play pass the parcel with you, and how you must visit and be fed by everyone. ( also short visit to Istanbul,& Marmaris.
    The women of the house work sooooooooooo hard and long hours, cooking washing and more cleaning.
    Every night people at the house & visitors would eat at Ramazan time, usually around 8.15pm. and the women would then stay awake to prepare the food for around 2 to 3 am in the morning, for up to 15 people, clear up then go to sleep around 4am, then awake again at 8am. although we tried to help, we did not have the required skills to cook the particular food they were eating, ( I am also vegetarian, which they seemed to find very strange).
    It was exhausting just watching them, especially as all the men folk just got up and left as soon as they had finished eating... leaving the woman to clear up yet again before sleeping.
    I am back in my comfy bed enjoying the lay-ins.
    I was very close to calling in to see Janey in Mersin, however there were 7 of us in the car ( I know! No seat belts either) and apparently she was away
    Jan X

    1. Hi Jan. I honestly don't know how Turkish women cope with all this, especially in Ramazan when it falls in the middle of summer Shame you didn't get to see Janey. Yes I know about packed cars!!

      I bet you are glad to be back in your own bed xx


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