Monday, 15 June 2015

The old man who feeds dogs

I've mentioned this old man many times in my updates.  Along with Annie's mum, and the sanayi man, we deliver sacks of food to this old man on the outskirts of the village.

He has two dogs of his own, and feeds 7 or 8 more who turn up each day.  During the season whilst Mr A is working, this man also feeds any dogs who turn up at the teahouse in the evening.

Mr A came home reasonably early on Saturday and we took delivery of some bamboo fencing, which is made by a man in Koru.   We have decided to fix this around the perimeter of the garden.   It will solve several problems.   Sevke's chickens are getting into our garden, eating tomato and courgette plants and making our dogs bark.  Tommy in particular is getting very stressed by them.

When the sheep pass the house each day they jump on the wall, eat the grapevines and make the dogs bark furiously.  They pass the back of the house where the six dogs jump and bark at them.  I believe this is how Blondie injured her leg. She jumps quite high and probably scraped it on the wall.  It's taking a long time to heal, but getting better.

All these problems will be solved with the bamboo fencing.  Mr A will fix it gradually, probably late in the evening when he finishes work.  In fact he was up at 5.30am today and is busy working on it now.

So...back to the old man.   Mr A received a call from him last night and he sounded very distressed, so Mr A went down to see him, with another bag of dogfood.   The man was in tears.  His two dogs have disappeared.   Mr A wondered if this was the start of another spate of poisonings but it seems not.

It would appear that the old man's son isn't happy about the dogs turning up to be fed each day.  Although the son won't admit it, the old man suspects that he (the son) has taken the dogs somewhere.  Mr A was angry and upset for the old man but has to be careful about how he deals with this.   There is no point in him accusing or getting angry with the son, because this will no doubt make matters worse.  He thinks it best to have a quiet "friendly" word with the son to ask him if he knows what has happened to the dogs.

In the meantime, the old man is fearful for the dogs that turn up each day so has decided to encourage them to follow him to the teahouse, where he will continue to feed them along with the other stragglers that appear from time to time.

I know Mr A's way of dealing with this is best, but I would like to get my hands on this man who has removed his father's dogs and caused him so much upset.   Poor old guy.  Life is just so bloody unfair.

Edited to add that I was mistaken.  He had three dogs of his own, not two, although two are missing.  This is the dog he still has.  Photo taken last night by Mr A


  1. Not only unfair for the poor old man who loves his dogs, but for the dogs themselves. Doing no one any harm, but giving the pleasure of their company to an old man. Thank goodness for Mr A and those Turks who do love and support the animals, because unfortunately there are many more who have been indoctrinated by hysterical mothers since childhood, to abhor the luckless, ownerless dogs.

    1. It is grossly unfair and shows no respect for his father. I'm lucky that my husband is as passionate about animals as I am. I guess if he wasn't we wouldn't still be married!

  2. Poor old chap. I hope he gets his dogs back

  3. Oh, that's really rotten, Ayak. :( I do hope his dogs can be found and returned to him.

    1. I'd be delighted if that happened Perpetua x

  4. Nice to hear there is soomeone just as passionate as you in helping these poor dogs.

    1. It makes a nice change Kelleyn x


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