Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It's a very British habit..... talk about the weather.  We like to complain if it's too hot, or too cold, or too wet.

The Turks don't seem to talk about it much.  They just get on with it.  They are used to the drastic climate changes and don't feel the need to discuss it.  But we have to talk about it endlessly.

Sometimes when I am out in the village and pass someone I say hello and how are you.  They respond accordingly.  I might add something like "It's very hot" or "It's very cold" and they just look at me as if I'm mad.  They nod and smile.  They humour me.   In winter we say "roll on summer".  In summer we say "roll on winter".   We never seem to be satisfied.'s hot here at the moment.  Extremely hot and unbearable and I am finding it difficult to cope.  We have one air conditioning unit that is broken.  Two attempts have been made to fix it with no success.  I am stuck in a very hot house with a ceiling fan in the bedroom which just circulates the hot air.  I get up very early to clean out the dogs areas and half-heartedly do some housework, but by 7.30am I am hot and exhausted.  

I have tried sitting outside in the evening or early morning but over the past couple of days I have been bitten unmercifully by mosquitoes, so it's back inside the hothouse.  If I had a swimming pool (or  even a large paddling pool) I probably wouldn't feel so bad tempered.  

I envy those on holiday here who can sit by a pool, relax with a  cold drink, and take a dip to cool off.  It's very different living here.

So there we have it.   A whole blog post about the weather.   Roll on winter.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


I did some posts a couple of years ago about scandal in villages...well this village in particular..and I thought about them again on Saturday when reading an article in the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet

BLİND SPOT. The secret sex life of Turks

The murder of this little boy was shocking but I found it almost impossible to believe that the concern from those around seemed to be more about the fact that people were having sex in Ramazan during daylight hours.

The article says a lot about things that go on behind closed doors in the less educated parts of Turkey and it's very disturbing.  Even after living here for so long, some things still shock me.

Having mentioned my posts about scandal in our village, although of course not as shocking as the article above, I'll give you the links to them here, for those of you who are new to my blog.  My long term followers will no doubt remember them



Interestingly, I caught the dolmuş into Milas yesterday.  It was hot and stuffy and when I got on there was only one seat left, next to the lady mentioned in the above post.  The dolmuş was filling up fast as it was market day in Milas, but even though several people got on before me, no-one sat next to this lady, so I did.

She greeted me as usual by name and we had a chat on the way to Milas.  All the while I was receiving "looks" from the other doubt wondering whether I follow the same profession.    The prejudice and narrow-mindedness of village people really irritates me.  Sod the lot of them!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Once a week......

...seems pretty much all I can manage when it comes to blogging these days.

It was my birthday last Tuesday.   They seem to come around rather too quickly for my liking, but this is really the first year that I have been aware of having to slow down a bit.  I have always been very active and often with the energy of someone much younger.  Even though my brain tells me that I can do absolutely anything, my body doesn't necessarily agree.

The day of my birthday was really a non-event.  I didn't see another person.  The first time in my life I have spent the day entirely alone.  I had had plans to go out with my friend Fleur, but we are in the middle of a heatwave.  It's just too hot for me to venture out, and a long way for Fleur to drive, so we have postponed our get together until later when the weather is cooler.

Mr A is still working flat out, although in recent weeks he was managing to get home most nights, and had moved all his clothes back to the house from the personnel accommodation.  His company car can only be used for his job (it has a GPS tracker) but his last port of call most days was a hotel in Gulluk, close enough for him to drive home.

This particular hotel has caused him so many problems.  Customers there seem to be what I call the professional complainers (those who complain from start to finish wherever they stay).  It's a cheap all-inclusive hotel, but seems to attract those who pay 2 star prices but expect 5 star treatment.  I'm not sure these people will ever accept that you only get what you pay for.

They are also not interested in buying excursions, the commission on which makes up the majority of Mr A's earnings.

It reached a point last weekend where Mr A had had enough.  Expecting him to rush through so many hotels from 8am onwards, arriving at the Gulluk hotel around 8pm and then being stuck there until midnight takes it's toll.   Not to mention the occasional phone call at 2 or 3am telling him to go to the airport to collect customers and transport them to Bodrum.

He spoke to  the boss.  He made a fuss and stood his ground.  Eventually it was decided that he could drop the Gulluk hotel and someone else, who works mainly at the airport, would deal with it.

Good news on the one hand.  He has a bit more free time.  But on the other hand, he can't justify using the company car to come home.  So on Monday evening he popped home to collect his belongings and move back to the personnel accommodation.  He clearly didn't remember that it was my birthday the following day.

Thanks to Facebook birthday reminders and the vast number of birthday wishes I received from Facebook friends (thankyou so much everyone) I was finally wished Happy Birthday by him around midday, but there was no chance of him getting home.

An airport run last night meant that he could come home for the night.  He also managed to sell his old motorbike to a man in the village, and will buy a newer one as soon as he earns enough money.  He's hoping this will be sooner rather than later, because it then means that he can use the motorbike to go to Bodrum to pick up the company car, and then bike home sometimes when he finishes work.  He also dropped off more supplies of dog food to our feeders while he was here last night.

So he will set off again early this morning and I have no idea when I will next see him.  This is just the way it goes for anyone working in tourism.

Roll on winter!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Sunday, 5 July 2015


Now there's a title to put you off reading further!

I've never taken much notice of statistics in everyday life.   People who use them to prove a point can make them say pretty much anything they want.

There are blogging statistics.  Again I never look at them.  Some bloggers are obsessed with them it seems and how many "hits" they have received since they started blogging.

Out of interest...or probably boredom...I looked at my statistics page this week and was amazed to discover the number of hits on certain blog posts.  I realise why this happens, of course.  It's not really anything to do with people necessarily wanting to read your blog.  It's usually connected to the post title.  People search certain words on the internet and if those words are contained in a blog post title, it will show up.  Once they click on the link, most of them will discover that it wasn't what they were looking for, then search elsewhere.

So really the statistics are meaningless.

However, here are my top 5 blog posts according to the number of hits, which you may find interesting if you are also a bit bored at the moment!

In 5th place    MEMORY            2,514 views

In 4th place   LEMON CURD AND SHORTBREAD    3,137 views

In 3rd place    BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP   3,424 views

In 2nd place  GÖZLEME    9,219 views

And not surprisingly this is No.1      THE TURKİSH MALE MENTALİTY   11,713  views

You will now see from these old posts, that my blog hasn't always been about dogs!

Happy weekend everyone.