Sunday, 5 July 2015


Now there's a title to put you off reading further!

I've never taken much notice of statistics in everyday life.   People who use them to prove a point can make them say pretty much anything they want.

There are blogging statistics.  Again I never look at them.  Some bloggers are obsessed with them it seems and how many "hits" they have received since they started blogging.

Out of interest...or probably boredom...I looked at my statistics page this week and was amazed to discover the number of hits on certain blog posts.  I realise why this happens, of course.  It's not really anything to do with people necessarily wanting to read your blog.  It's usually connected to the post title.  People search certain words on the internet and if those words are contained in a blog post title, it will show up.  Once they click on the link, most of them will discover that it wasn't what they were looking for, then search elsewhere.

So really the statistics are meaningless.

However, here are my top 5 blog posts according to the number of hits, which you may find interesting if you are also a bit bored at the moment!

In 5th place    MEMORY            2,514 views

In 4th place   LEMON CURD AND SHORTBREAD    3,137 views

In 3rd place    BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP   3,424 views

In 2nd place  GÖZLEME    9,219 views

And not surprisingly this is No.1      THE TURKİSH MALE MENTALİTY   11,713  views

You will now see from these old posts, that my blog hasn't always been about dogs!

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. The Turkish Male Mentality is a sure fire winner!

    1. It certainly is and I wonder what most of those people were hoping to find when they searched!

  2. I, too, came for the gozleme but stayed for the hounds

    1. Well I'm very glad you did. Thankyou x


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