Saturday, 1 August 2015

My husband the animal magnet

Those of you who have followed my blog for sometime will know that my husband is a bit of an animal magnet.  Dogs in particular seem to seek him out.

Wherever he happens to be working for the summer season, he always manages to find a couple of dogs, and sometimes cats, to look after. Each year he has managed to find homes for them at the end of the season.

Because of the long hours of work, he is mostly staying in personnel accommodation this year in Bodrum, and has "adopted" two dogs.  One male and one female and they are staying there with him.

He has already managed to find homes for them when the season finishes, amongst some of his work colleagues.  The male will stay locally and the female will be going to another area, to a village, with one of his colleagues.

The boy is called Paşa and the girl is called Narin.  Mr A has now discovered that Narin is pregnant.  He has spoken to a vet in Bodrum and it would seem that she is too far advanced for the feotuses to be aborted.  This is not a problem as the guy who is going to take Narin is happy to take her puppies too.

On Thursday David and I went shopping in Milas and called into to see Mehmet the vet.  Thanks to recent donations I collected 10 more spot-on flea and tick treatments and also some for Timmy, who had a reaction to the Paraband collar.  After careful consideration and on the advice of others, I decided against parabands for the street dogs as these could possibly be removed.

I also bought some more sacks of food, and we dropped a further two sacks to Fikret at the sanayi who feeds the dogs for us there.  (Thankyou David for always being so helpful with transport)

As mentioned earlier this week, Annie now has a stock of food, and also more eye drops for her eye infection which flares up from time to time.

Sadly I have to report that the two dogs that disappeared from near the old man's house, have not returned.  Also the other dogs that visited him daily for food also seem to have disappeared.  He still has two dogs at his house and he takes food with him whenever he goes into the village in case there are dogs in need.  We will continue to provide him with food for the dogs.

We are used to dogs disappearing during the summer months, but many re-appear at the beginning of of course more new ones.   We are now into August so I am thinking ahead and making sure I budget for stocks of winter food.

Mr A popped home briefly on Thursday evening and I gave him flea treatments and worm tablets to take back  for Narin and Paşa, and also a sack of food.  We are hoping to have Narin spayed after she has her pups, finances permitting, and if possible will also get Paşa neutered.

Thankyou  once again to those who continue to donate on a regular basis, and others who donated recently in response to my appeal.  Without your support we would find it almost impossible to continue.  If you would like to donate (any amount, no matter how small) you will find the Paypal button at the top of this page.

Thankyou xxx




  1. Dogs usually recognise a kindred spirit. Keep cool.

    1. Yes I think they do. Very hot and bothered but trying to keep cool :)

  2. Dogs recognise good people....and are more tolerant of the others than they should be.

    1. So true Helen and they trust more than they should too

  3. I agree with Annie and Helen - dogs know who they can trust and who to steer clear of. However, Pip is in the 'doghouse' this week as he started chasing some sheep whilst I had him on a lead (possibly the only time this year!!!) and almost ripped my fingers off as I couldn't hang on to him. He did come back quickly though when he realised I was standing in one spot, dripping blood onto the ground. Fortunately, no permanent damage done, but I saw stars for an hour or so! He was very sorry...I'm sure he was.
    Hugs to you and Mr A - hope it cools down a bit soon. We're very hot here too but our house provides a cool respite at least - semi-cave that it is.

    1. Oh naughty Pip. But it's good that he came back straight away. A sure sign I think that he knew he had done wrong. Hope your fingers are OK. We are trying to stay cool. The new aircon heps xx

  4. Mr A is very kind hearted towards animals and humans too!
    I nurse a black cat every day in the home where my husband is. He knows I like him and he seeks me out. I dreamt last night I was in a cats home and just stopped myself in the dream from adopting one! Woke up a bit relieved!

    Bodrum has been in our news recently.

    Maggie x

    1. My dear Maggie I'm so sorry for not responding earlier. Blogging seems to have taken a bit of a back seat whilst real life takes over. I am wondering how you are and how the situation is with Harry? It's been such a difficult time for you. You are always in my thoughts. Lots of Love xx


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