Tuesday, 8 September 2015

And another couple of weeks.....

....pass without me doing a blog post.  I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for blogging.  I think my group on Facebook has replaced it up to a point, but I used to be able to rattle off a post in 10 minutes.  Now I sit staring at the empty page with little inspiration.

The longer I leave it, the more I forget things that have happened that I could write about.

There is an overwhelming sadness in this country at the moment.

We have so many refugees arriving every day. Desperate people fleeing a country being destroyed by war.  Babies and children being washed up on the shores of Bodrum because the people trafficers charge them a high price to cram them into inflatable rafts without life jackets.  Rafts that have little chance of staying afloat.   Some have been duped into paying for fake lifejackets.  There are always evil people out there ready to cash in on others misery.

Turkish soldiers have died in recent days and most towns and cities are in mourning.  The troubles on the Syrian border continue and there seems to be no end in sight.

The Turkish lira is very weak at the moment.  There is much uncertainty about the future.  Another election will be held in November  and I'm wondering at the outcome and how it will affect life here. The leader of this country seems more concerned with his own personal power than dealing with the crises here.

To give the government some credit, at least they have allowed around 2 million refugees into the country and have built camps to accommodate some of them but there are still so many living on the streets.   Groups of expats and Turks all over the country are donating goods to distribute to the refugees.  They are doing a fantastic job.

The racism, xenophobia and sheer hatred for the refugees that I am seeing on Facebook from the people of the UK, make me ashamed to be British.   Where is the compassion?  When did people stop caring about others?  Many seem to live in their own little bubble, ignorant of what's happening elsewhere.  The NIMBY attitude is certainly alive and kicking.

It might seem inappropriate to talk about dogs when people are suffering.  But Mr A and I continue to do what we can for the dogs in our area.  They are still living beings, no more/no less important than human beings in our opinion.

Mr A has been fantastic with the two dogs and 8 puppies at his personnel accommodation.  They are thriving and it is anticipated that homes will be found for all of them.

They have been wormed, flea/tick treated, and Paşa recently had vet treatment for a chest infection which we feared was a nasty virus which is spreading around Bodrum.  Luckily he has recovered well.  Narin continues to be a very good mother to her pups.  She and the female pups will be spayed in October thanks to my group of friends in Bitez who have offered to cover the cost.  We will endeavour to vaccinate all of them, depending on whether we have sufficient funds to  do so.

We are still supplying food to Annie and the sanayi dogs.  As is normal in summer there aren't quite so many dogs around here.  But we know that as winter approaches they will return, along with many others.  In this respect I have started buying as many 15kg sacks of food as possible, shopping around for the best prices.   We want to be prepared.   Mr A's job will finish for the winter some time in October.  Thankfully he will only be out of work for four months and will start work again with the same company on 1st March.   During the winter months we will be out feeding the dogs every day.  Winters can be cold and wet here so we need to keep them well fed.

As always I am very grateful for  the donations I receive but funds dry up very quickly.  If you would like to give something, no matter how small, it will be very gratefully received.

And some brighter news.  I am off to the UK in the early hours of Friday morning, for 10 days.  I have a family wedding to attend on Saturday and it is my daughter's birthday the following Saturday.  And of course I will have chance to spend some time with my lovely grandsons.  I miss them all so much and I think this trip will do a lot to lift my spirits.