Saturday, 3 October 2015

Living with Depression

I have talked about depression a fair amount during the years I've been blogging.   It's something that I have learned to live with.

Reading back over some of the posts I've published on this blog helps me to recognise warning signs, put things into perspective, and just get on with dealing with my state of mind.

We don't talk about any kind of mental illness often enough.  There is still a stigma attached to it, so when someone asks us "How are you?", we say "Fine" and we're far from fine.

Here are some of my posts on Depression, which may just be of use to those of you in the same boat.

The first one posted in 2009:

Depression (1)

Depression (2)

Psychosomatic Disorder

The third one did make me wonder about  my current back pain.

There are more posts on this topic but I think that's enough for now.


  1. Having never suffered I can offer no comment except to say depression seems to be becoming more and more evident. Whether this is because more people are becoming depressed or people now feel they can admit to it.

    1. I suppose it could be a bit of both. Although sometimes I feel that people say they are depressed when really they are just feeling a bit down. The word depression is very over-used by people who have no idea what it really is.

  2. I've just caught up on the last post before this and we are all shocked at the things that are happening as regards the refugees. Every time we hear about Bodrum I think of you because you often mention it.

    I'm also sorry that you're suffering from depression and hope that you'll get over this bout soon.

    I also feel unable to blog right now for a variety of reasons but I know I'll get back to it.
    Luv & hugs,
    Maggie x

    1. Thanks Maggie. It will pass. I'm not surprised you can't blog at the moment. It's been a very difficult time for you for the past few years and losing Harry will have knocked the wind out of your sails. You'll come back to blogging when you're ready. Love and hugs to you too xxx

  3. I feel for you Ayak. As you know, I am lucky enough not to suffer from depression. My depressed moments are just that....moments, which may last a day , but rarely more than that. I am very conscious that my mind finds way to deal with things, sometimes fairly momentous things, within 24 hours. However, I hope I understand that not everyone is as lucky. One of my closest friends, who lived in the US, had periods of the darkest times I can ever imagine.
    Your 3rd post rang some real bells for me re: my recent health scare. It was a short scare, but since I received the speedy " all clear", the pains have gone. Was my mind imagining them because I was stressed ? Was I stressed because I was in pain ? Who knows.
    Take care, knowing the signs and being able to react and even comment on them as you do, hopefully enables your brain to process things, and get you back on a more even keel. Lots of love Jx

    1. Yes the psychosomatic thing is puzzling isn't it? And really I don't think it relates to depression in many cases. Who knows if this was the case with you recently? Talking and writing about depression certainly does help me to deal with it. It was something I was encouraged to do more than 20 years ago by my psychiatrist. It works for me but not for everyone. So glad your recent health scare was dealt with efficiently and was nothing for you to worry about xxx

  4. Sending you huge hugs. I go though bouts frequently and I think the most frustrating thing for me it to try and explain it to people around me who just want me to "cheer up" or "buck up" or "get out more" . The best thing I have seen written on this is Allie Brosch Hyperbole and a Half Depression Part 2 which, the first time I read actually made me feel kike cheering because finally someone who understands how I am. Anyway no cheerful encouragements, just, know that someone in Cappadocia cares and sends a huge hug.

    1. Thanks Vicky. I'll have a read of that. And sending a hug right back to you xx

  5. Yes, too much stima. So sorry for your pain! I am sure your post will help someone.


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