Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Growing old gracefully..... not really for me.  In fact "graceful" is not a word that has ever described me.  But I have realised recently that I can't do as much as I used to.  In my head I am still in my 20s but my body reminds me I'm 67 years old.  I still attempt to move furniture around (one of my nocturnal habits when I can't sleep) but it's becoming more difficult.   Those of you in my age group will understand that thing when you get down on your knees to pick something up off the floor, then can't get up again without help.

My eyes are causing me problems.  Well not so much the eyes, but the eyelids.  It's genetic. Most of those on my father's side of the family had droopy upper eyelids.  I went to the hospital last Thursday.  I saw an eye doctor who didn't even examine my eyes but sent me straight to a plastic surgeon.  He wasn't in his clinic and his secretary took a photo with her phone and sent it to him.    He called back and spoke to Kaya (formerly known as Mr A in my blog but all those who follow my Facebook page now know him as Kaya). 

I wasn't concerned about him calling Kaya because I assumed he didn't speak English.  He told him that I needed to have the muscles under the lids repaired, some fat and skin removed and stitched...all under local anaesthetic.  He could book me in for two days later and it would cost 3000 lira.  

I got carried along with it and agreed.

A couple of hours later the surgeon rang me, spoke in English, to explain the procedure.   He then immediately rang Kaya to explain the same to him.  I wasn't best pleased at this typical Turkish male attitude.  Treating women as if they are idiots, ignoring them and dealing with their husbands.

I also spoke to friends who agreed that it was expensive, and that I ought to have been examined first so I started to have doubts.   Kaya also spoke to his friend (the surgeon who operated on him earlier this year) and he knows the plastic surgeon concerned and confirmed he is expensive, and that it was possible to have this done by someone just as good, for a lower price.  Unfortunately, plastic surgery is not covered by our SGK (government) insurance here in Turkey...even if it is for a medical problem and not cosmetic.   I would never consider cosmetic surgery.   That's the only part of "growing old gracefully" that I happily accept.  But this problem is affecting my vision, straining my eyes and causing headaches so  I know I need to have it done, but I will not be rushed and I will do it on my terms.

In the meantime I have changed bedrooms...Kaya's idea....the other side of the house away from the dog's area.  I am a light sleeper and the dogs prevent me from getting a complete night's sleep.  I am used to it, but it takes it's toll.  Tiredness makes my eyes worse.

Of course I got stuck in moving furniture etc and as a result have bruises, aches and pains, swollen arthritic fingers and have done my back in again.  I'm my own worst enemy.

Kaya has been working hard since his job finished.  He has re-tiled the bathroom and installed a new washbasin and toilet.  When I say bathroom, I actually mean a small cupboard pretending to be a bathroom.  One could sit on the toilet, wash one's hands in the washbasin and have a shower, all at the same time.  I'm not kidding.  We now have a smaller toilet and washbasin and we have put up a shower curtain, having had to shorten the poles to fit.  Taking a shower is actually quite funny now.  The area is so small that once you turn on the water, the curtain sticks to you and you have to fight it off to get clean.   But it's a vast improvement and looks very nice.

He has also adjusted the car port he built last winter, which was for the motorbike, but now has enough space to reverse the car in.

We continue as always with our work with the dogs.  We are lucky to have a few people feeding in the village and the sanayi, but we need to keep checks on them because you can never totally rely on others.  We do of course supply food for all the dogs, and treat them for worms, fleas, mange, eye infections, etc.   The four Bodrum pups settled well at the sanayi.  One disappeared a few days ago and someone said they thought he had been taken.  However, Kaya went there to deliver more food yesterday and the pup had returned.  

It would not be possible for us to continue this without your donations, and I am always so grateful to those of you who help in this way.   But it's a never-ending task, and there are more dogs around in winter, so donations are always welcome, no matter how small...every little helps.

FINALLY...FOR YOU CAT LOVERS.   I don't do much for the cats in this village.  They seem to be accepted here by the locals.   They are fed scraps, and in return they keep down the rat and mice population.  They are doing a good job in this farming village, and mostly look pretty healthy.  We have found kittens in the past and you may recall that Kaya put a box down at the teahouse for two lone kittens and fed them.  The teahouse man eventually took them home to his garden.

There is a very brave cat near us.   My dogs don't like cats and so they usually steer clear.  However this particular cat sits on our wall in full view of the dogs and they bark furiously at her (maybe a him but we haven't checked yet).   She stays as long as she wishes then gradually saunters off.

Over the past two days she has been at the side of the house (where the dogs can't see her), sitting watching Kaya work on the carport.   So we have started feeding her.  All I had that was suitable was a tin of tuna and some small dog biscuits.  I am going to buy some cat food today and we have found an old cupboard that Kaya is going to try and transform into a cat house, with enough room for four or five cats.  We will place this under the carport for shelter from the winter weather.  If this cat is female we will get her spayed, finances permitting, and if any other cats join her we will look after them.  (Photos to follow when it's all sorted)

What are we like?  As if we need even more animals to look after !!!

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  1. My MIL and BIL both have the same eye complaint and have had the surgery to correct it. Have you visited your designated GP to see if he will refer you on insurance:

    1. No I haven't but will look into it. Thanks. Worth a try x

  2. Do get something done about the op...but yes...on your own terms!
    I did laugh at the image conjured up by the shower curtain!

    1. It's worse for Kaya. He's much bigger than me. I've heard him cursing at the shower curtain.

  3. Sorry, I don't do Facebook...... I know I get left out of a lot of things because of that.
    I had to smile at the clingy shower curtain! That is just what it's like.

    You come across as younger than 67 in your blog! You must go easy a bit. I know what its like though feeing that you're only 20 inside your head.
    I find I don't seem to sleep as well now I'm older.
    I don't think I would economise when it comes to eyes! Eyesight is so precious. I hope you realise that there are a lot of cowboys about! Give it careful consideration.

    Luv Maggie x

    1. I will Maggie. I don't want to rush into this and want to be sure I find the best person to do the op. It isn't really about the money, although that has to be considered of course, but I am exploring the fact that I think I should be entitled to cover with my least for part of the cost.

      Hope you are well...take care. Love Linda xxx


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