Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Facebook Updates

I don't have much time to blog at the moment but for those of you who don't do Facebook, here are some updates copied and pasted from when I last did a blog post.

24th November
For those who read my latest blog post this morning, Kaya has made a start on the cat house. It is under the carport so sheltered, but it will be covered in something waterproof. Three sections with room for at least two cats in each one.

25th November
Just had a phone call from the man who went with Kaya to collect the Bodrum pups a couple of weeks ago and adopted one of them. The pup is poorly and Kaya has gone to check on him. He hasn't eaten much for a couple of days and now has diarhoea. It's not severe and he is drinking water ok. Kaya spoke to our vet on the phone, and he will take him to the clinic first thing in the morning. Fingers crossed for him please.

26th November
he has been at the Vet clinic since early this morning. He has been diagnosed with parvovirus but I think we have caught it in time to allow him to be treated. My Vet is always willing to euthanise if there is no chance but on this occasion he feels he will recover.
He will need two further days of treatment and he has to be isolated for about a week.
There is no room to isolate him at the clinic so Kaya will now take him back to his owner. He will help him to bleach the area, and make sure that he knows how to continue with this to stop the spread of the virus.
All treatments will be collected from the Vet and we will administer them. We can only do our best to give this little chap the best chance of survival.
I would really appreciate some help in the way of donations at this time. It had been an expensive month for us. Stocking up on food, worm, flea, mange treatments, cream for eye infections, etc. We are using our own money at the moment and the Vet bill will have to wait until my regular donations start to arrive next month. So anything you can spare, no matter how small, will be very much appreciated.
As always thankyou to all of you who have supported us so far heart emoticon
My wonderful husband, knowing how difficult it will be to isolate this pup in the village and stop the spread of the virus has now collected all treatments, which we will pay for, and spoken to the Belediye vet. He agreed to keep the pup in quarantine in the belediye shelter for as long as necessary. (Kaya also spoke to the Belediye Manager first to get his make sure that the vet agreed).
Kaya has just taken him there and he is now in isolation.

27th November
His name is Karlos by the way. Kaya went to visit him at the shelter today and spoke at length to the vet. He asked him to confirm that it was parvo and it is. However he is doing well on the treatment so far, which we supplied. If he needs any further medication we have said we will pay for it.
He has eaten today and no diarrhoea after, so a good sign. We are not sure that the guy who adopted him is really capable of taking care of him so we will have to think again at some point about where he will go once he has recovered. In the meantime, the vet is happy for him to stay there and Kaya is happy that he is getting good care.
We sent a bag of dogfood to the shelter as a thankyou, and will continue to do this as and when we can afford it. We are slowly building a good relationship with this vet and are hopeful that we will be able to get more street dogs neutered by him, and poorly dogs treated. We need to tread carefully to keep on his good side, but I am cautiously optimistic. It will certainly help us to keep costs down. Something that we are having to seriously consider at the moment.

29th November
Sunday Update:
We have no further news on Karlos the pup with parvo who is at the belediye shelter. We are not concerned about this because the vet will inform us if there is any change. We are mindful that he is very busy and does get bogged down with so many phone calls, so he gets a bit irritated when we keep phoning up to check. We don't want to annoy him because he is helping us. We want to maintain a good relationship with him for the future.
The cathouse at the side of our house is being used. Food is being eaten every day and there's evidence that more than one cat is sleeping in there. I think they come late at night and disappear before it gets light in the we aren't able to get photos of them yet. I think the trust will take time, but I'm happy that they have some shelter, particularly with the bad weather we've had for the past few days.
Kaya saw a kitten in the village yesterday that had been hit and killed by a car. Another kitten was sitting next to him. He approached slowly to try and rescue the kitten but it ran off. He searched everywhere but was unable to find it. He has asked men at the teahouse to look out for it and let him know. If we find the kitten we will bring it to our cathouse to look after.

30th November
Some very sad news. We had a call from the shelter Vet to say that Karlos passed away this morning. We went to the shelter and spoke with the Vet. We are satisfied that he did all he could to save him. Even though the treatment seemed to be working a couple of days ago and he was eating he deteriorated rapidly this morning.
Parvo is such a dreadful virus. It sometimes gives you false hope as it did with Karlos. So sorry we couldn't save you. Rest in peace dear little boy heart emoticon
While in Milas we stopped at the Kipa shopping centre for a coffee before the supermarket. No sooner had we sat down than this beautiful golden retriever came and sat next to me, put her paw out for me to take then rested her head on my lap.
We asked at the coffee shop if she belonged to them or anyone else in the centre. We asked several people and a couple of them said she had been there for a couple of days and that they recalled first seeing her with someone but then she was alone.
Another one dumped. It makes me so bloody angry. How many more times do people need to be told that a dog is a commitment for life.
She has a collar on. She isn't very old. I would guess perhaps a year old. She is gentle and trusting.
We did our shopping and when we came out, she was waiting for us. We just could not drive away and leave her so brought her home. She jumped into the back seat of the car with no prompting and was as good as gold.
We left our phone number with the coffee shop just in case someone is looking for her.
We have spent the last two hours introducing her to our other dogs and apart from the usual bum sniffing and a few scuffles, they have all settled. So far so good.
We've called her Sadie.
So then there were 11 !!
She needs to be checked over this week but she seems in good health and well fed. She hasn't been spayed which we will need to get done asap as well as vaccinations etc.
And much as I always hate asking, I would appreciate some financial help at the moment. We are getting through a lot of dog (and cat) food now. There are always more animals to feed in winter. So if you would like to matter how small an amount... It would be so gratefully received. Thankyou xx


  1. I saw 3 goldens in Bodrum today who are on the streets - such a shame.

    1. It's happening so much everywhere. People are fickle. They want special breeds. They want the one that happens to be the "in" breed at the time. They don't care about the dog...if they did they would just take a dog off the streets. They get bored with the dog or suddenly a different breed is more "fashionable" so they dump it without another thought.

      I'm not saying this has happened with Sadie and we have done what we can to find the owner, in case she is lost. But I do find it quite distressing.


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