Friday, 18 December 2015

Going with my gut instinct

You may recall a recent post when I mentioned the problem with my eyes (you can read it HERE)

My gut instinct told me that I should cancel the planned operation on my eyes, and explore the problem and other options.

I made enquiries at a Mugla hospital and was given the name of a doctor should I wish to make an appointment.  I googled him and discovered an article about him in a Turkish daily newspaper concerning his unprofessional practices so gave that one a miss.

It was suggested I talk to our local doctor (she visits our village twice a week and performs a GP role)  to see if she could refer me to the devlet (state) hospital in the hope any op would be covered by our government health insurance, but she was unable to do so.  She suggested going direct to the devlet hospital.

So this morning I had an appointment with an eye doctor at the devlet hospital.  I was filled with confidence the moment I walked into the consulting room, and delighted that the doctor was a woman who spoke perfect English.

She thoroughly examined my eyes and listened carefully to the problems I was experiencing.  She says that I will eventually need the operation but not yet..maybe in six months or a year, but she will monitor the situation.  It seems that I also have dry eye syndrome which is not helping. She also asked if I suffer with rheumatism or arthritis because at my age these things can be connected.

By coincidence I have an appointment on Monday with an orthopaedic doctor.  I do have arthritis but I don't take any medication for it, other than an occasional dose of ibubrofen.  Recently I have developed problems with my hands which show all the signs of carpal tunnel syndrome and this is what I need to have checked on Monday.  The eye doctor said that if any medication is prescribed for my arthritis this may well help with the eye situation.  She noticed that I have yellow cholesterol spots on my eyelids which can be removed at some stage, and said I should get my cholesterol levels checked on Monday too....and that I should tell the orthopaedic doctor about my consultation with her today.

So I have a huge quantity of three different types of eye drops.  If I paid the full price for these the chemist informed me that the cost would be in excess of 300 lira.  Instead, with our insurance, all I paid was 21.5 lira.

These should keep me going for a while!!

These things are all signs of the aging process of course, but we need to keep eyes and hands working well for as long as possible, so I am relieved to be getting things sorted out.

Have a good weekend everyone xxx


  1. Thank goodness for a public health service.

    1. It works pretty well when it has to, for which I'm thankful.

  2. So glad you went there and got proper help without paying out too heavily.
    I also have dry eye syndrome and it seems to run in our family. Its worse in the summer when the light is bright. I buy drops but don't use them every day. I have osteoarthritis.
    Have a good weekend.
    Maggie x

    1. I have been given so many drops to use now that I'm sure I will have to cut out some of them. Doctors here always over-medicate.

      Hope you have a lovely Christmas Maggie xxx

  3. I'm so glad you'v had some really useful and trustworthy advice about your eyes, Ayak. They are too precious to neglect. A friend of mine had the same eyelid problem and is very pleased with the result of her op and I'm sure you will be when it eventually needs to be done.

    1. Interestingly, this eye problem (dry eye syndrome) and also the carpal tunnel syndrome which needs some attention next, are connected to the problem with my back. Spondylosis...lots of different effects to the body which is probably why it took me so long to get a proper diagnosis.


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