Tuesday, 29 December 2015

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It's been a sad few days on the Bodrum peninsular.  This was my post on Sunday:

Poisoning of animals ..dogs and some cats...happened yesterday in Yalikavak. As many as 15, but figures are yet to be confirmed. The police have been informed and an investigation is taking place.
A similar incident took place this time last year in Yalikavak, and also in our village. We all know how difficult it is to find the perpetrator of these murders, but someone must know something.
Please be vigilant with the animals you feed and care for all over the Bodrum peninsular. Watch out for any suspicious behaviour. We have to do what we can to protect our street animals.
In the meantime my thoughts are with all the lovely volunteers who care for the animals in Yalikavak. It's devastating and I feel your sorrow xx

By yesterday the story had reached the national press:

20 DOGS KILLED BY POISON İN WESTERN TURKEY.  Link to the report from Hurriyet HERE

A petition has been started and we need to get as many signatures as possible in the hope that some action will be taken.  This is happening far too often all over Turkey and to kill dogs is against the law here.  Sadly it is not taken seriously enough and there is often no justice for these innocent and harmless animals.

If you would like to sign the petition, you will find the link if you click HERE


And another dog rescued today in our village:

Kaya saw this dog today while he was in the village and noticed a large growth around the genital area. He followed the dog but couldn't get near enough to get hold of him. So he drove into Milas to get a sedative from our Vet.
After some coaxing and with the help of the Muhtar he managed to sedate him and return to the Vet.
The dog is about 5 years old. We've not seen him before so assume this is another one dumped.
The growth is a tumour. Our Vet has seen similar cases and is certain its cancer. He is operating on him now. Obviously he will be neutered at the same time and we hope that the tumour will be removed successfully. He will also be vaccinated and any other necessary treatment given.
We will cover all costs.
The Muhtar's wife had already tried to feed him earlier today and she has offered to take him in. We will help with anything that they need and will give them a sack of food to get started.
At last we are getting through to people here. They see what we do and are willing to help.
Fingers crossed for him please


Operation was successful and the growth removed. He is now sleeping off the anaesthetic.
It was decided not to neuter at the same time so he still has his collybobbles (as Kaya calls them). This can be done later when he has recovered. He has been vaccinated and he has antibiotics. The Muhtar and his wife have made a warm safe place for him and Kaya will take him there later.
We will check on him every day to make sure he is recovering well.


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    1. Well it's been happening ever since I moved to this country and still it continues. In my early days it was done by Belediye employees. I have a suspicion this recent spate could also have been carried out on the orders of someone in a position of authority...but who knows?


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