Friday, 15 January 2016

Facebook Updates on Patch

Early yesterday:

Two days of searching in the village and then following a report from someone, a search of Milas where it was believed she was taken.
It would seem that she didn't remain in Milas, and is possibly now in Mumcular.
Kaya is investigating, and as soon as we have more news I'll let you know.

Later in the day:

We have now discovered the full story. A man who works in Milas but visits our village every day to give a lift to a friend, saw the pup the other day. He apparently asked around to see if she belonged to anyone and having established she didn't, decided to take her to work with him, and later to his home.
Kaya managed to get the man's phone number and spoke to him. He lives with his family in Mumcular. His wife has been ill and this little dog has really helped to make her feel better. She adores dogs as do the rest of the family. Patch was checked over by a vet, flea and worm treated and vaccinated. AND the best news is that she is living IN their house with them. Those of you who live here will know that this isn't usual for Turkish people.
The man's first reaction on hearing from Kaya was "oh please don't take her away from us, we love her". That was good enough for us.

He has promised to send us photos and we are satisfied that she now has a good home. RESULT !!!

And finally:

Patch in her new home. Photos sent by new "mum" 

And a few words about what is necessary to safeguard a dog:

I'll let you into a secret. Over the past week while searching for Patch, Kaya told people she was "our" dog. There was a good reason for this. We had no idea who had taken her. Several people thought they knew. One said she was still in the village somewhere and being kept on a chain.
We were so anxious about making sure she was ok and anyone who lives here knows that you can't just go in and take a dog if it belongs to someone else. So the only way we would be able to rescue her if she wasn't safe was to let people think she was ours.
So when he found the number of the new owner he said that he believed they had "our" dog. After establishing that she was indeed in a good and loving home, he "agreed" that they could keep her.
When rescuing dogs, sometimes we have to lie for the sake of the dog.


  1. That's a good outcome then!
    Lucky Patch!
    Maggie x

  2. I'll keep my eyes open for patch when I'm back around Mumcular He looks very comfy in the photos

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet words! I think the same of you! You are the saint in Turkey helping all the stray dogs.


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