Saturday, 23 January 2016

Is there such a thing as a free lunch?

Well it would seem so.  

Although the circumstances surrounding a free lunch can be rather sad.

When someone dies here, people come together 40 days after the death to commemorate the deceased.  They pray and then sit down to a meal together.

This village has a large elderly population and sadly we have calls from the mosque announcing a death several times a week throughout the year.

This past week Kaya has attended two 40-day meals in the village and has another one to go to tomorrow.

Sometimes lokma is cooked too.  These are delicious little dough balls which are deep fried and drenched in syrup.  I absolutely love them and it has been known for Kaya to discreetly bring me a doggy bag of them.

There were none at yesterday's meal and it's probably a little heartless of me to hope that there may be some tomorrow.  But if I receive some, I will enjoy them and give a thought to the deceased and hope they are resting in peace.


  1. They do look delicious! I suppose it's something good coming out of something sad!
    Maggie x

    1. Yes that's what I tell myself Maggie!

  2. Have you noticed that now 40 day prayers at the house are broadcast by loud speakers - it used to just be within the house or in the garden with no amplification. Or is this just in towns?

    1. Yes they do set up speakers in gardens here but not on every occasion. I didn't hear anything this week and doubt I will tomorrow. I think the bad weather will keep them inside.

  3. I like the idea of a 40 day lunch to be able to remember the dead person when the griedf isn't quite so raw. Lokma sound delicious, like syrup-covered doughnuts.

    1. Yes it's a nice idea isn't it? Lokma are very much like little doughnuts. Unfortunately they didn't cook any yesterday...ah well :(


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