Thursday, 14 January 2016

That didn't last long.....

...just two weeks.   It seems that I am finding it more difficult than anticipated to give up blogging.

OK I still don't seem to be managing my time better, but it feels like something is missing.

Something happens, or a thought pops into my head, and I immediately think "I'll blog about that" but then I remember that I've stopped blogging.   I've had many thoughts this past week, but unless I write them down they are forgotten.

Maybe those of you who have kept daily diaries would understand this.  It's kind of like having a close friend that you confide in, and they suddenly disappear and you find you have no-one to talk to.

Winter here can be depressing.  Apart from looking after dogs and cats, there is little else happening. The only time I get out of this village is to go shopping in Milas and to stock up with dog food or visits to the vet.   Kaya has done a fair amount of work in the house and garden but he is now bored so spends his free time in the teahouse.

Although I prefer to live here than the tourist areas where we have previously lived, I do miss having people to talk to.  I have nothing in common with the village women.  They spend their days drinking tea in each others houses and gossiping.  It's not for me.   Thank goodness for my dogs and the internet.

So that's all a bit gloomy isn't it?  But I've written it down, and I find that once I get it off my chest I start to feel a whole lot better.

Just a few updates from my Facebook page.

This little dog was spotted in the village last week and then disappeared.

We have searched extensively and she (yes someone told us it was a girl) is nowhere to be found.  I posted her photo on my page in the hope that, if found, someone might give her a home, but we all know how difficult it is to find homes for dogs here.  The latest information is that someone in Milas, who frequently comes to the village, has taken her.   It's hoped that Kaya can find this person today and try to establish whether this dog...we call safe and well cared for.

We are continuing to provide food for the men feeding the dogs at the sanayi, and dropping off sacks every week.  We are getting through a lot of food at the moment, so as always donations are always needed, no matter how small.  We spotted Nancy who we placed at the sanayi last year.  The four Bodrum pups continue to thrive, and we saw one of them at the same time as Nancy.

One of the Bodrum pups

The dog who had the tumour which was removed by our vet, continues to thrive and is being well looked after by the Muhtar and his wife.   We paid for the operation and vaccinations thanks to donations, and we treated for fleas and worms.

On our search of the village for Patch, we saw a dog that we haven't seen since last summer.  We fed him but he looks fairly healthy, if a little thin.  We are sure he is being fed but Kaya is trying to find out by whom, so that we can help with food, and also flea and worm treatments.

The village spreads over a wide area with a population in excess of 3,000.  It's a maze of small lanes and we still get lost even after 8 years, so it's easy to lose track of dogs that aren't brave enough to venture into the centre of the village.   We aim to cover most of  the area in the coming days and weeks to see if there are any other dogs in need, and to try to find people to feed them.

The cat house is still in use.  I spotted Button yesterday and am sure she is pregnant but can't get close enough to her or any of the cats...they keep their distance because of the dogs barking.  But they are eating well, and I think they go into the cathouse late at night when it's dark.

On a happier note, in four weeks time I will be going to the UK to visit my daughter and grandsons.  I usually try to get over to spend their birthdays with them in April, but Kaya is due to start work around the middle of March, so I need to be here to look after the dogs.

Well...I guess I'm back to blogging again!


  1. Life seems to get hectic ally busy and I don't blog for ages and then I seem to get a bit more time and back I pop X glad you're sticking around x

    1. Yes I know how you feel. Not enough hours in the day to do everything. I'll pop over to your blog when I get a minute. Glad you're back xxx

  2. Glad your resolution didn't last long, Ayak. :) FB is great for instant communication, but posts are very ephemeral on there. Blogging is more thoughtful and lasting.

    1. Yes I think it took me a while to realise that I needed both. Just need to start on the time management now!

  3. Well, I'm so pleased!
    Hope you find Patch who is very pretty and appealing.
    Looking forward to you blogging away!
    I must get back to it!
    Maggie x


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