Sunday, 24 April 2016

I've been gone some time.....

...well I haven't of course.  I've been here all the time but it's been a long time since I did a blog post.

Our work with rescuing dogs continues.  We now have 12 at home.  Kaya had taken several dogs over to Mugla shelter who agreed to treat them.  Some isolated with mange and some that the shelter agreed to vaccinate, neuter and spay as long as we collected them and returned to the areas from which we removed them.  This has now been completed.

One of the dogs taken to Mugla was a boy we called Arthur.  He had a tumour on his face which the vet removed.  He was vaccinated and neutered and Kaya collected him two days later and placed him at the sanayi for safety.

Several hours later Arthur turned up in the village where he found Kaya at the teahouse.  He had crossed two dual carriageways and walked the 5km to the village.   Kaya left him there and returned home.  Ten minutes later Arthur found his way to our house and cried outside the gate.  We took him in and he has now been with us for about 4 weeks.

After a couple of days he went down with kennel cough.  He was very poorly and was taken to our vet.  He deteriorated so we got a second opinion from Pethane vets in Bodrum.  They prescribed medication and after a bit of a struggle which included having to feed him with a syringe, he finally recovered.  He was very thin but is eating well now and is very much stronger.

As I suspected, my other dogs succumbed to kennel cough.  In fact out of the 12 dogs, Sadie was the only one to avoid it.  They all recovered quite quickly, thanks to being fit healthy dogs.

I've had visits in the past few weeks.  Audrey from Bodrum popped in for coffee and spent some time playing with the dogs.   My friend Tamara on a visit to Turkey, stopped off to stay with me for 4 days and we had a great time.

Kaya started work at the end of March.  It's quiet at the moment.  It's early in the season and we are hoping that the recent problems in this country won't have too much effect on tourism.  We'll just have to wait and see.

I have had problems with my hip and leg, which is clearly all part of my osteoarthritis....old age creeping up on me I'm afraid.   It wasn't helped by an incident yesterday when I went out to feed the 7 big dogs.   Three dishes placed in the first area for Chas, Melek and Sadie, and as I was walking up the step through the connecting gate to the second area, I slipped and fell on my back.  At the same time 4 dishes of food shot up in the air and scattered so there was a bit of a free for all with the dogs.

Recovering myself, I returned to the house and brought out more food for the dogs who didn't manage to get to the scattered food quick enough.

This morning I am hobbling about.  I have a big bruise on my backside and I think I will have to start wearing my orthopaedic corset once again and use the strong painkillers prescribed just before Christmas.

It's at times like this I realise how much I miss Kaya when he's working.

We had hoped that our car would be left here this summer for me to use.  I was told by the traffic police in Bodrum that as long as I had my UK driving license translated and noterised I could drive on this...even though my license has expired.  Frankly I was doubtful but got it translated and noterised anyway.

The law concerning driving licenses changed in January this year, and recent info seems to indicate that an expired license would not be allowed.  I would have to take a driving test here to obtain a Turkish great expense.  Those people with resident permits can change their current UK licences.  But even if my license hadn't expired, I have dual nationality so it doesn't seem to apply to me.  Most foreigners here will agree that there seems to be a concerted effort to make life as difficult for them as possible.

So the bottom line is that a car is of no use to me here.  If I need to get shopping I will have to use the dolmus, wait for the rare occasion that Kaya can get home, or rely on others, such as my friend David when he goes into Milas.   I hate not being independent!

Just a few photos from the past few weeks.

Tamara playing tug of war with the dogs

Kahve and another dog on their way back from Mugla Shelter



Feeding Arthur with syringe

Kaya with Arthur and the little ones

Audrey with Arthur and little ones

Me with some of the big ones all wanting cuddles